What am I feeling right now? I have absolutely no freakin' clue.
The first full day of school was today. It was alright I guess. Not sure how I feel about it yet.
We chose our locker specifically on the corner of the school in hopes for a less crowded area, but nope, looks like it got more crowded than last year. Dislike.
Also, the way people just walk off is kinda annoying. Like..you're in a conversation with somebody, and talking, then another person comes by and says hi, and they sorta somehow manage to shift around to that person, start talking, and then walk away. Like...are you serious? Did that shit just happen? To me? Like...wow. Just wow. I don't even know how I feel now.
First day back to school - and I'm already dreading it. I have to switch out of Gym. Honestly, gym's gotten pretty stupid too. I used to love gym. It was fun... but now they have a week camping trip for the grade 12s, and a ton of off campus stuff. SURE it's amazing, I love it, I should be thankful, not many schools go golfing, kayaking in the river, bowling, skiing, camping, ice skating etc. but it conflicts with so much this year.
This year I want to get working as much as I possibly can. I've applied at Futureshop, (two locations) and a place called Seneal's Camera here. It's a more professional place. Both job opportunities are awesome, and fit my perfectly. Both something I would absolutely love to spend a lot of time doing. Plus, I want to make money, and save up for a car hopefully, by spring 2011. (OR SOONER!!) I've checked online too, I found a 1998 VW Golf - Yellow - Automatic everything, sunroof, steering, cruise control, perfect condition from a dealership. $2,300. Honestly. I would buy that without hesitation if I had $2,300 right now.
So, I'm hoping to work after schools a few times a week, and then hopefully either a full day Saturday, or Sunday. I would like to start saving, hopefully have that amount within two to three months. I want to have the car, insurance for a year, gas money & phone bill paid. I just want a job, I think it would make my life a lot happier right now. Not that I'm not happy, but I just feel so lost without anything to help drive the wants I have.

So yeah, today was alright. School went by fast. I have an easy year, the teachers seem nice so far, I'm REALLY hoping a certain somebody get's her request to change her class so her spare's with mine. I'm also hoping I can drop Gym, move my Art 20 into the gym place, then put Art 30 in place of where Art 20 was. Is that too hard of a request? I need these requests filled by next week too. Hopefully it all works out. Right now I wish I had somebody to talk to. There's only a few people though that I really feel a million times better after talking to, and none of them are around. It kinda sucks, it's making my mood worse, I feel somewhat lost.

I hate when people text you something short too. Honestly, I text "Hey, how was your first day of class?" and get a "it was good urs" like are you fucking serious? .... go on? good. Well isn't that freakin' amazing. Let's end the conversation right there. "Good thanks" At least I have the time to spell out "yours" and even took the time to think about you & how your day might have went. Like wow. People piss me off. A lot of people do. So many stupid people live in this world. Doing some of the dumbest things, like don't they have brains? Think about shit before you just do. Everything has a meaning, and everything impacts something. So seriously, next time you do something, think about it.
Hope everybody has a good weekend :)


Chrissy's family life blog said...

You think too much my friend, you sound too upset in this email and only you are responsible for your own happiness! I hope things turn around as I am sure they will, they always do. Good luck with your job hunting, I think you are right...you need a job, just to keep you busy so that you are not thinking about things too much! Anyways, stay positive and remember...you are the only one in control of that...no one else is!! Miss you...

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