No Longer Retired..Employment Pt. 2

Alright, there we go. Done.

I got the job, well, my old job back. Hey, it might suck. But, there are tons of worse jobs out there, there are people who hate their jobs more than I ever will, and I can deal with it. Working sucks, no matter what job you do. Even if it's something you love, you still may feel at times that you would love to get paid for doing nothing. I guess that's not the way this world works though, so for now, I'm back to working.

We learned today in Psychology why we may not like work. It tires us, bores us, or, if we're lazy, makes us actually move around physically and DO SOMETHING. Honestly, the only one of the above that stands for me is the lazy part, and I should cut that habit right now. I'm not a lazy person, nor want to be seen as one. Also, like said before, I like the work for what I have, so, it only makes sense if I smarten up and get back to lifting boxes. PLUS, my biceps, I love them!!

So, here we go. I start tomorrow from 5-9. 4 hours. Monday - Thursday. PERFECT. Just what I wanted. I also wanted to work all day Sunday, but, they aren't open Sunday's. So, I took into consideration working every second Saturday. Guess what, they want me back so much they are giving me EVERY Saturday free. That means I get two days of the week to sleep in past 6am! Woohoo!! As well, it gives me weekends to have a life, instead of being consumed by work.
I'm pretty happy right now, going to enjoy my last night of not working, and then get back into things tomorrow.

My calculations however become a little wonky with that weekend day of work being taken out of the picture. That's about $200 less than I want a month. Which, isn't really a good sign, but I believe it's worth it, because I DO want to have a social life on top of working almost every day of the week in the evenings. This is good though. I used to work Monday/Tuesday nights. Those two nights went by FAST. Honestly, the fastest days of the week were those two, then it was already Wednesday and I was on home stretch to the end. NOW, I have Monday-Thursday...which, will completely FLY, which brings me to the end where I stop, a Friday. The END. So I will be whizzing through the weeks, stopping for a break at the END of each week, the fun time of the week. The time I have no work, & no school. This fly fly, party, fly fly fly, party, fly fly fly...I hope this kinda makes sense. Every 15th I will be getting paid, amazing. The 15th will come by so fast because the weeks will be going by faster than ever, and the weekends too. I will be rolling around town in my first car like I want to be in NO TIME.

Even if there's snow on the ground, I've talked to a lot of people, standard cars are much better in snow, easier to control, better on gas, AND more fun to drive ;) Haha, (The mall parking lots empty at 7am when I start school, summer tires + snow + ebrake??? lol)
Once the snow melts I can begin work on it, like most teenage boys, I want a nice ride.

So yup, it's a good day, good night, and starting tomorrow the fast forward button is going to be stuck, and I'll love every bit of it. I'm motivated.


Chrissy's family life blog said...

ok so that's great news!! I couldn't be happier for you and the hours sound perfect for you! There is only one thing that you forgot?? Homework, don't forget these hours give you more time to do homework..HAHAHA!!
I am glad things are going well, nice to hear about your car ideas, you are a hard worker and I have no doubt that you will have your dream car by next summer!!

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