Sick Day

I'm home sick today, it really does suck, but whatever, I'm missing Psychology.
I finished all my homework anyways. I have a presentation due Friday so I've been working on it and am happy with it.

After I finished my homework I was bored. I really suck at sleeping during the day, it just doesn't work. Once I wake up, I'm up. I can never fall back asleep unless it's one of those very cold mornings during winter break where it's pitch black in your room, and if you don't look at the clock you still think it's 2am, then I can fall back asleep :) I love those mornings, I can't wait for them.

Anyways, here's something I just finished up. I want to start doing something on Sunday's. Normally we head out to somewhere nice, a waterfall, the zoo, etc. I absolutely love weekends, especially with them off from work, the weeks seem to fly by, and the weekends last forever.
So, I'm looking to do something to expand my horizons a bit on my weekends for the fall and heading into winter. I've been trying to sell some work recently, it's difficult. I had a small exhibition open house thing last weekend, it turned out great. But I find selling online is impossible. So, I've decided I'm going to start trying to head out to these gorgeous waterfalls we normally go to, except meet up with a family, a person, etc. and do a portrait session!

I feel pretty confident in moving into this new style of photography. I'm hoping it's successful. I am in love with the idea, and plus, it'll give me a little extra to put towards my car if it works out.


Wise Words

Today, I sat in class, blowing my nose every 5 minutes, sniffling up a storm, and coughing my brains out. It was brutal, however, nothing was wrong.
It was a good day other than this head cold I have.

As I sat in class beside some friends, I remembered some wise words somebody told me this summer. Paul. Braden's dad, my best friend. They're practically family to me, honestly, I love them all, and their words mean just as much as my own families do. Family is always first, and today, I just remembered back when we were in NYC.

I remember Paul had told me never to let my dreams go. Never let a girl get in the way of the goals you want to achieve, and what you want to do and where you want to go in life.

Today I thought about that, and really liked it. It made me happy, and reassured me with everything I'm doing right now in life. I feel like I'm doing the right thing, going the right way. Working hard to achieve goals I want to achieve, working to be what I want to be. I like that, and nobody is going to stop me or change my dedication in what I do, how I do it, where I go, and why. It's me that I have to live for, well, most of the time. I need to think about me more and the ones who truly matter, and just continue striving to be the best that I can. I'm not saying that none of these people matter, hell, I talk to a ton of people daily, I think I'm trying to express that I need to stay truer to myself, and not stop for anything at achieving what I want.

Just something I thought about throughout my day.

A teacher approached me today, which was very neat. This particular teacher has come to me twice because I never wear the stupid ID around my neck. She's warned me if she has to ask me a third time about the ID there would be more to it. This time I had my ID, and I was simply standing at my locker. Of course the first thing that came to my mind was what did I do wrong?
"Are you Spencer Hogg?"
"Yeah." *Gulp*
"Oh wow. I've seen you before, I've been following you flickr for a while now, and I just have to say you are extremely talented, and are an amazing photographer."

It really made my day, and gave me goosebumps :)


It's Sunday. I woke up sick. Well, I didn't even sleep last night. I was up every few hours or so, and then the remote fell off my bed onto the floor, which always wakes me up from the sound. Ugh. I should just leave it on the floor.

Been a crazy week. Went to bed at 5am Friday, was out hanging out with some friends and playing cards, was a fun night. But it was late, went to bed at 5am, woke up at 9am, drove home, showered and continued on with my exhibition. I was exhausted by the end of the night.

We had a lot of people over. The neighbor came over, which was cool. My neighborhood is pretty much all foreign. The one right beside us pretty much is the only ones that aren't. The guy is like a car idol, he drives a black Subaru STI with gold rims & red pads, with a huge exhaust. It's pretty wicked. I'm jealous every time I hear that car start next door. He went out to wash the car before they went out later that night, his girlfriend came over. She's really sweet. You know when you see someone, and have never talked to them, but you've seen them a billion times and just have an opinion on someone. It was kinda like that, and then when you talk to them you completely don't expect it? Yeah, she's a pretty cool neighbor, and even bought some of my work which was cool :) She told me her boyfriend was looking to do some photos of his card to submit to a import calender for next year. She said he was thinking about asking me after tonight, which is awesome! :) It was an overall very successful night, I had tons of fun, saw a lot of the ladies from JC which I haven't seen since before I left, so it was great, they're all like big sisters to me :)

I'm at about $600ish / $3000 for a car right now. I'm making about $220 a week working, which is great!! :) I just started thinking about it like that. It sounds better to me than $1000 a month, cause weeks come faster. I dunno. It's hard to explain, but yeah, I'm pushing towards this goal and have no thoughts of slowing down! I have been looking at a ton of cars, and each time my opinion changes. I'm still pretty set on the Prelude, but then again, if something is wrong, they don't make them anymore so it might be harder, more expensive and take longer to get parts of repairs. I'm looking again at a Honda Civic Hatch, or a VW Golf Hatch. As well as an Acura Integra, I saw a few on the street this past week with kits and they looked pretty sweet. So I'm pretty undecided still, I'm just happy making $220 a week and saving up and then get something, drive it around in the winter while I continue working and then dropping again on it for the kit, painting, rims, lights, audio system etc. :)

We're off to Elbow Falls today. It's in the low 20's or high teens, not sure. But it's nice out for once. Calgary is still dumb though. It's cloudy and shit out now, but then the sun just randomly comes out. It's kinda pissing me off, I wish this stupid ass city could just decide what it's going to be and stick with it.

No Longer Retired..Employment Pt. 2

Alright, there we go. Done.

I got the job, well, my old job back. Hey, it might suck. But, there are tons of worse jobs out there, there are people who hate their jobs more than I ever will, and I can deal with it. Working sucks, no matter what job you do. Even if it's something you love, you still may feel at times that you would love to get paid for doing nothing. I guess that's not the way this world works though, so for now, I'm back to working.

We learned today in Psychology why we may not like work. It tires us, bores us, or, if we're lazy, makes us actually move around physically and DO SOMETHING. Honestly, the only one of the above that stands for me is the lazy part, and I should cut that habit right now. I'm not a lazy person, nor want to be seen as one. Also, like said before, I like the work for what I have, so, it only makes sense if I smarten up and get back to lifting boxes. PLUS, my biceps, I love them!!

So, here we go. I start tomorrow from 5-9. 4 hours. Monday - Thursday. PERFECT. Just what I wanted. I also wanted to work all day Sunday, but, they aren't open Sunday's. So, I took into consideration working every second Saturday. Guess what, they want me back so much they are giving me EVERY Saturday free. That means I get two days of the week to sleep in past 6am! Woohoo!! As well, it gives me weekends to have a life, instead of being consumed by work.
I'm pretty happy right now, going to enjoy my last night of not working, and then get back into things tomorrow.

My calculations however become a little wonky with that weekend day of work being taken out of the picture. That's about $200 less than I want a month. Which, isn't really a good sign, but I believe it's worth it, because I DO want to have a social life on top of working almost every day of the week in the evenings. This is good though. I used to work Monday/Tuesday nights. Those two nights went by FAST. Honestly, the fastest days of the week were those two, then it was already Wednesday and I was on home stretch to the end. NOW, I have Monday-Thursday...which, will completely FLY, which brings me to the end where I stop, a Friday. The END. So I will be whizzing through the weeks, stopping for a break at the END of each week, the fun time of the week. The time I have no work, & no school. This means...fly fly fly, party, fly fly fly, party, fly fly fly...I hope this kinda makes sense. Every 15th I will be getting paid, amazing. The 15th will come by so fast because the weeks will be going by faster than ever, and the weekends too. I will be rolling around town in my first car like I want to be in NO TIME.

Even if there's snow on the ground, I've talked to a lot of people, standard cars are much better in snow, easier to control, better on gas, AND more fun to drive ;) Haha, (The mall parking lots empty at 7am when I start school, summer tires + snow + ebrake??? lol)
Once the snow melts I can begin work on it, like most teenage boys, I want a nice ride.

So yup, it's a good day, good night, and starting tomorrow the fast forward button is going to be stuck, and I'll love every bit of it. I'm motivated.



I don't even really know what to put right now, but I want to express something, somehow.
I want to talk about working. I've been working since I was around 13 or 14. I worked in a restaurant for about a year, and eventually quit. Coming home from work smelling like grease was disgusting, and $9/hour wasn't worth it.

Next, I began work at Jenny Craig. Lol. You may laugh, hey, even I do. Everybody used to laugh when they asked where I worked and I told them that... I originally worked there because I wanted to save up for my own computer. I did, I remember, it was $600.00 and took me only a month to get. Once I got that, it kicked in. I can get whatever in I want in the world, as long as I work hard for it. Everyday I worked I had that computer on my mind. I achieved it, and it was one of the best feelings and realizations in the world. From that point onwards Jenny Craig provided me with whatever I wanted, as long as I worked for it. I have a lot of stuff, a blackberry, a custom build computer, heck I even spent $220 on headphones! Who the hell spends that much on headphones? I'd call anybody crazy to spend that much on headphones, but really, it was something I wanted, I listened to music every single day, and so I got them.

It's an amazing feeling though. A lot of kids parents buy them stuff, $2100 Louis Vuitton hand bags, Lexus's & BMW's. Me, I got my wants myself. Not that anything I've wanted and gotten can compare to a car or anything like that, but it's still the same thing in a way. When people ask how did you get all of the stuff you have? Did you parents buy you it? It feels good to say I worked for it myself. I mean, not that my parents don't buy me stuff, hell, they get me a ton of stuff. They provide me with everything! But no way in hell would I ask them to buy me $220 headphones, or spend $1000 on a computer when the one they use is only half that! So, it feels great to say I worked for it myself, and got it myself. I did all the research myself, and set it up & learned it myself. It's amazing.

So, now that Summer is over, I need to find a new job. A job that will do the same thing it did when I originally got one. This has proved to be an extremely difficult task. You would really think with the experience I have at my age it would be easier, but nope, it's becoming impossible and tedious. So tonight, I started thinking about Jenny Craig again. Should I go back simply for the reasons I started there in the first place? To provide my WANTS? I think so.
Now, before I was working about 3 days a week, even that tired me out. But right now, I'm probably carrying the easiest class schedule of the entire school, and spend my after schools doing nothing. I've gone out with people here the past few weekends, which has been fun. I've met a ton of new people, which is definitely becoming a good thing. So, do I want to go back? This time I am looking to work 4 evenings a week, and then a full day on the weekend. Perfect right? I could work Sundays, when most people are at church etc. WRONG. JC isn't open Sunday, so that doesn't work. That leaves Saturday, the busiest day of the weekend, because it's the only day. I would have to work Saturdays, which then, scratches off any plans of going out on Friday nights.

So, I believe I have come up with a plan. Monday - Thursday's 5-9. PERFECT. I don't work too late, which gives me time to do any homework I may have, and any I don't finish I have a spare block to work in the learning room on it the following day. That gives me Fridays off with friends. (JC closes when I get off school, so Friday's wouldn't even need discussion) That leaves that dreaded Saturday. Without it, I'm about $300 short of my expectations. But with it, I have absolutely zero social life. (I'm looking to work HARD until I get a car, then hopefully drop down a few of those week days) So, this would work here. Every second Saturday off. Becuase, I don't want to go out EVERY Saturday, that becomes tiring and repetitive. So, if I work every second Saturday, that brings me to my wanted amount of hours a month, and I would be making just over $1000 from work a month.
Hard work, I know. Can I do it? Certainly. Am I motivated? Definitely.

A really close friend of mine has been contemplating on switching to the applied math course down from the pure math course. It's caused her a ton of stress, pure math is HARD, and the final exam is worth 50%. It's HARD. She wanted to switch so badly. But after tonight, she realized she can do the pure, and get into the top university. She can do it. The hardest work possible. If she can do pure, then I can work 5 days a week. We can do it together, with each other pushing one another forward, to keep going, to remind them of their goal. In 3 months, once we've both achieved our goals, the feeling will be beyond explanation. We can look at each other, and say we did it. We made it. Just knowing that, that a friend so close to me will be there doing the same amount of work, pushing me to work hard too, while I'm doing the same thing for her, motivates me. That one key concept of being able to do anything you work towards motivates me more than anything, and therefor, I can do it, and I WILL do it.

Plus, my bicep has gone down increasingly. Not good, I'm weak now! Once I get back into lifting and throwing around those 40 pound boxes, sometimes more than one at a time, I'll have these killer bicepts back in no time! :)
(Plus have money to go to the gym to work on the abs too! woop woop!!)

So motivated. Look out cause' it's over. I'll fix that place up.

9:10 PM. -- Night just got good.

Been a slow, crappy night.
Nothing to do, you're out on a party bus, I'm doing a good job not worrying too much about you, I trust you, and know you're smart.

Nonetheless, still a crappy, boring Saturday night of nothingness.

It just got changed around though, Much Music ended, I usually turn the TV here, but nope, 50 Cent documentary just started. My favorite rapper out there, night just got good.

Make up your mind

Few things annoying me right now, the way people can't make up their mind, or continuously change their minds of stuff. Honestly, make up your mind, don't change it 10 times, it just confuses you and everybody around you. It's really not that difficult to make easy decisions and stick to them.

Another thing bugging me is the way people can't keep a conversation going. I've talked about this before, but today it has happened the most. Don't initiate a conversation with me, say three words, then head off and do something leaving your phone in your pocket. I took the time to reply to your initiated message, the least you could do is keep your end of the conversation up.

It's a shitty day. It's rained non-stop in this stupid city the past 7 days, today's the first day without rain, but it's still completely cloudy, about 2C and disgusting outside, plus it's cold inside too. I just want to go to sleep in my warm bed until the sun comes back out and dries up these stupid fall leaves so they're crunchy - the way they should be.

Thursday - Friday.

I have never done a blog like this before, about a good day. It's usually just been rants, frustrations, disappointments or struggles. However, today was different.

Today was amazing. Well, the morning sucked, but hey, what mornings don't suck. I slept in about 30 minute late, so I was running to be ready before my ride was here. You know how I am about my hair, it takes a long time, and if it's not the perfect dryness after I blowdry, then styling just doesn't work. I almost re-washed it this morning after my shower, but I had no time so I made due with the mess I had going on. It got better later in the day, haha, after I spent a while in the washroom's fixing it. I started with my two main subjects side by side in the morning. I've come to conclude Thursday's are the worst of the week. My two heaviest English/Psychological classes are first thing. However, once lunch hit's it's HOME FREE! I have Art, then spare. It's the best feeling being done the worst classes and only having easy classes left, then knowing that Friday's are always easy because of the short day, then the weekend is here. It's great.

After school was good, well, I ended early because of spare last. Me & Abbey went to get Jugo Juice, like our favorite thing to do. Then just kinda drove around, talked, listened to our music loud, and had an awesome afternoon. I missed days like today, the ones we had back in the summer. Having nothing to worry about and just having fun. It was really nice to have a day like today, especially with the feeling of the week being almost over. It was a lot of fun, and I'm very thankful for all the relationships I have, and the connections I make with my friends and family. It was definitely a great day.

I ended the night by selling my bike. I know, selling my bike, I blogged about this in the car blog, I'm crazy. It definitely kills me to sell it, but hey, I won't be riding it much for a while, until next summer at least, I needed the cash for my car, and I'd rather somebody be able to enjoy it on the crunchy leaves come fall when I can't. So hey, I'm pretty happy about it. I sold it for $400, which is a crushing blow in a way. It was almost $800 when I got it new, fully loaded front and back disc brakes and everything. However, the price of used bikes is crazy, so I had to go low in order to sell it. So I did, I sit here with a $400 stack of 20's beside me. It feels good, I haven't worked in a long time so having some money is definitely good. I feel I'm a pretty good business man, hah. I buy stuff, then years later re-sell them for a good price, so I'm never losing too much money.

Jersey Shore was on, I'm absolutely addicted to it, it was probably one of my favorite episode yet, Vinny's Uncle is HILARIOUS, the way he talks, I wish I knew somebody who talked like that hahaha. It was good.

I'm listening to Il' Divo right now, very calm and relaxed. Probably the best way to end a long week. I'm going in for an earlier night tonight, hopefully around 10pm.
Have a great weekend :)

Brooklyn's Finest

I just wanted to do a quick blog on this day.
This photo here is being displayed / has been displayed on the Flickr Explore HOME PAGE all day today!
Honestly, it's the biggest achievement to get on Flickr, and I really can't believe seeing my own photo on there! I'm blown away!!

Finney' - Saturday

Originally uploaded by Spencer Photography
So, right now I'm in a pretty modest mood I guess. I'm definitely missing Ontario, New York City, & my best friend.

The same shit has happened so many times to me, honestly, you would think I would be smarter by now? I'm the one who everybody comes to with issues, wants my opinion, my opinion is generally quite helpful, and then I end up out of the picture. I guess this isn't building up to what I want to talk about, but, It kind of does. Whenever somebody needs reassurance, I'm always the first to tell them everything will be alright, because personally, I've experienced it so many times. Being worried, can't breathe, etc. and in the end, it was alright. So of course I feel I'm pretty good at calming others down, not so much myself sometimes, but eh, I can't do it all haha!
I just hate how some people can become so caught up in remembering every single person, always making time for everything, putting all their focus into one thing, like school etc. and then becoming so obsolete and forgetting the ones around them, the ones who really cared, and the ones who were always there for reassurance.

Everything was so amazing in the summer, and now that school's in, it's like everything has been thrown away, everything has become about doing and going, that people around you mean nothing to you anymore. Seriously. Ugh.

Another thing that I want to rant about is the way some people explain things. You ask a question such as "whats up" and get a reply to something that needs explanation. "Preparing." Honestly? Preparing for what? Do I REALLY need to ask? Are you seriously going to wait for me to ask? "Preparing to ___" How much harder can that be? Ugh...I hate when people can't have a conversation, or when a conversation becomes fragmented into shitty one line sentences that need further explanation. OR, when somebody say "I hate when ______" And you have to ask "why ____ isn't happening/there etc." Like, couldn't you have just said "I hate when there's only like a quarter tank of gas in the car" (This is DEFINITELY not the conversation, the topic was no gas, but this is just an example.)

I'm frustrated right now. Well, not so much now as I was before. Blogging is pretty awesome, once you type out something bothering you into words, it's like it's gone, out of your mind, now somewhere floating in the internet. I guess it's pretty cool eh. Hah.

No idea what I'm doing tomorrow, hopefully something fun, school sucks. Lol.
My life's about to get REALLY busy too, as soon as I get a job I'm going to be going nonstop. I am prepared for it however, I can do it, because I'm motivated. As soon as I get a job, I want to be hopefully working 4 days a week, evenings only, and then a full day on the weekend. I'm REALLY hoping for Monday - Thursday evenings, Friday/Saturday off so I can do stuff with friends, then work Sunday. (Since most of my friends are Mormon and Sunday is generally a day I do nothing on) WHICH, would result in about $4000 by the end of the year. Which is amazing, I get pumped up just thinking about it. I'm so motivated, and I can do it, and I know when I achieve it I will feel so good, just like I always do when I accomplish something I've been so motivated for. (My camera, biking this summer, etc.)
Which reminds me.. I'm selling my bike. WHY??? I love biking. However, the seasons coming to an end, and I wont be riding until next summer probably, so the extra money from the bike can go to my car, and then after I get my car, I can buy a new, better bike for next summer. Then I can drive to the mountains, with the bike on the back!! hahaha!

It's September 11th.
It is unbelievable to think of the events that happened this day, so many years ago. I still remember the day perfectly, home from school, seeing it on TV, not understanding why my mom was crying out of shock.
It's even more unbelievable to think I was standing on the street across from the exact place the events took place just last month. It really is, and it's definitely a sad topic.
My thoughts are with the families whom lost somebody on this day years ago, and may the ones killed on this day rest in peace.


First Car...

Like with every single thing I do in my life, I take a TON of time thinking about it. Hell, I even over think it, I over think every single thing that crosses my mind, seriously.

Anyways, I've wanted a car ever since I first turned 14 and drove home from writing my G1 test. I plan on getting my G2 AFTER I have enough money to purchase my first car PLUS have enough money for a years worth of insurance in my savings account. I'm looking at around $3000 - $4000.
Now, if you know me, when I set my mind to something, and I want this something bad enough, nothing can stop me. I want a DSLR Camera? I work my butt off and get it. I want everything I have in my room (Now I'm tellin ya, I could sell my computer setup and buy a car, but I don't want to, cause then my photography would be pretty much nothing without a computer.) But everything I've ever wanted so bad, I've gotten. I have pictures of my wants everywhere, my cell phone background, computer background, picture in my wallet. Every time I look at my phone, computer etc. I am reminded what I'm currently working for and dedicating my hard work into.
My current want, something long overdue, is a car. Now...like most 17 year old boys, I love cars, I have all the car magazines, and I don't want some old Toyota. No, I want a car that will makes heads turn. (I'm like that about everything, gotta have the LV bag etc. I guess this might not be such a good thing, but I don't feel cocky about it, it's all stuff that makes me happy.) Back on topic, I need a ride. Now, when buying something, I find a vast range and contrast between the wants. I compare and compare, read peoples opinions, and I mean opinions, every singe person I know has to have some input in my decision. So, anyways, back to the vast range of cars I want...
Now, I guess I lied before, I have a Toyota on my list. The BOTTOM of the list however. A Supra. Here's the list of cars I'm looking at:
(Now, these are "finished" products. I'm looking to drop $2000 on a used vehicle, with a good clean interior and then work on the car as a project. Meaning, the car will be stock when I buy it, but over time (Like EVERYTHING I have eg. Computer.) it will get better. I'm talking my favorite rims, with the 14" subwoofer, tinted windows, lowered body kit, carbon fiber hood, HID lights, interior lighting, the whole package..) So, here's the list:
First, Toyota Supra

VW Golf

Honda Prelude

Acura Integra

Now, I know this might be biased. I mean, different photos, some may be better than the other, however, they're all the cars I'm interested in. Also, WHITE. Must be white, with black rims, red frame, or REALLY nice chromes. Haha, now... the decision. Why is it so complicated? I should just pick the most white person car out of the group. Jokes. Perhaps I could throw all four in a hat and pick one randomly. But what if I get that Toyota. That's at the bottom, cause it's probably the most expensive, considering most are right hand steering here that I've seen for sale. (Expensive!) I'm definitely learning towards either the VW Golf, (Obviously that picture is slightly boring, but still the type of car / year) OR, the Honda Prelude. In that order is what I'm currently thinking about, the Acura is close behind the Prelude, except that I like the back of the Honda better. So you can see how this is a complicated process. The more I think about it the more I want a prelude. But then I think of how easy the VW would be to park, and how much more room I'd have in the back for speakers. But then I think of all the trunk space in the Prelude. Such a tough decision. At least I'm not indecisive with school crap...haha. I mean, the next three months of my life will be put into achieving this goal. (I bet you hate that I don't have the same kind of motivation towards school. But I still do fine. 70's + always.)
I'm thinking of honestly just working as a cashier somewhere. I mean, I've applied at multiple camera stores with to no avail, as well as Futureshop multiple times. I'm thinking of just sucking it up and working 4 days a week 5-10, and Sundays as a cashier somewhere. I mean, I've checked the pays, they all average around $10-$11 an hour, which, from my calculations with the amount of hours I'm willing to put in, is roughly $1200 a month with tax reductions. So, $1200 X 3 = $3600, which is perfect for a $2300-$2500 car, + 1 year's insurance. (Then I drop my hours down to twice a week, I'm able to drive to work, I have money for my phone, gas, and a hundred or two hundred to spend on clothes/food/movies/drinks/games/gym membership & whatever.

(I also have to have a plan for everything in life, this being the plan for my next three months. Goodbye afterschool life of doing absolutely nothing. This will be good, I'll have something to do, time will go quicker, meaning, a car will be parked in the driveway before I know it. Not to mention my EASY final year of high school. I even switched out my Gym to Art, which, wasn't because I'm lazy, it's to make room for being able to work after school, PLUS, art is a million times more beneficial to me getting into a photography programs once I graduate than kayaking down a river in gym in... hah!
What am I feeling right now? I have absolutely no freakin' clue.
The first full day of school was today. It was alright I guess. Not sure how I feel about it yet.
We chose our locker specifically on the corner of the school in hopes for a less crowded area, but nope, looks like it got more crowded than last year. Dislike.
Also, the way people just walk off is kinda annoying. Like..you're in a conversation with somebody, and talking, then another person comes by and says hi, and they sorta somehow manage to shift around to that person, start talking, and then walk away. Like...are you serious? Did that shit just happen? To me? Like...wow. Just wow. I don't even know how I feel now.
First day back to school - and I'm already dreading it. I have to switch out of Gym. Honestly, gym's gotten pretty stupid too. I used to love gym. It was fun... but now they have a week camping trip for the grade 12s, and a ton of off campus stuff. SURE it's amazing, I love it, I should be thankful, not many schools go golfing, kayaking in the river, bowling, skiing, camping, ice skating etc. but it conflicts with so much this year.
This year I want to get working as much as I possibly can. I've applied at Futureshop, (two locations) and a place called Seneal's Camera here. It's a more professional place. Both job opportunities are awesome, and fit my perfectly. Both something I would absolutely love to spend a lot of time doing. Plus, I want to make money, and save up for a car hopefully, by spring 2011. (OR SOONER!!) I've checked online too, I found a 1998 VW Golf - Yellow - Automatic everything, sunroof, steering, cruise control, perfect condition from a dealership. $2,300. Honestly. I would buy that without hesitation if I had $2,300 right now.
So, I'm hoping to work after schools a few times a week, and then hopefully either a full day Saturday, or Sunday. I would like to start saving, hopefully have that amount within two to three months. I want to have the car, insurance for a year, gas money & phone bill paid. I just want a job, I think it would make my life a lot happier right now. Not that I'm not happy, but I just feel so lost without anything to help drive the wants I have.

So yeah, today was alright. School went by fast. I have an easy year, the teachers seem nice so far, I'm REALLY hoping a certain somebody get's her request to change her class so her spare's with mine. I'm also hoping I can drop Gym, move my Art 20 into the gym place, then put Art 30 in place of where Art 20 was. Is that too hard of a request? I need these requests filled by next week too. Hopefully it all works out. Right now I wish I had somebody to talk to. There's only a few people though that I really feel a million times better after talking to, and none of them are around. It kinda sucks, it's making my mood worse, I feel somewhat lost.

I hate when people text you something short too. Honestly, I text "Hey, how was your first day of class?" and get a "it was good urs" like are you fucking serious? .... go on? good. Well isn't that freakin' amazing. Let's end the conversation right there. "Good thanks" At least I have the time to spell out "yours" and even took the time to think about you & how your day might have went. Like wow. People piss me off. A lot of people do. So many stupid people live in this world. Doing some of the dumbest things, like don't they have brains? Think about shit before you just do. Everything has a meaning, and everything impacts something. So seriously, next time you do something, think about it.
Hope everybody has a good weekend :)


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Well, today seems to be Wednesday. My last day of going to bed whenever I want, waking up whenever I feel, and doing whatever I would like to in the day. It's the end of summer. It was the fastest summer yet, but also the best, and most memorable. School starts soon, I guess that's not a bad then. Hell, I can't even complain, one core, 2 options and spare everyday.. I probably have the easiest course list in the school. So I can't complain. It's going to be a good year, from what I've heard grade 12 has been the best for everybody. I'm optimistic about it, I think it's going to be good. No, scratch that, I don't think it will be good, I know it will be good. I get to ride to school every morning with someone who I care a lot about, and by ride to school, I mean we're going early, because that's the only way she will have the car, this creates time to prepare for the day, get Starbucks, or grab breakfast on rushed mornings. Then the day begins, with my easy classes. English, spare (2 hour lunch) Gym, Psychology. Easy. Day ends, go home etc. So I am positive it's going to be an amazing year. It's the final year too. All our life up to this point has been spent mainly in school. Learning, training, for what? The real world? But...the past 12 years have been the real world? No? I know they haven't. Which to me sounds scary. It's only just the beginning. We have been learning for these past years, to now be prepared to set foot into living life on our own terms. I am happy to be done it, and to be able to get out and achieve my goals and dreams, and do what I want to do. I'm slightly sad however, that it's over. It's a once in a life time thing I guess, (Unless you fail or drop out or something and go back) but I will never see this young age again. I'm not sure how I feel about getting older. I want to be older. I know all parents say no no, you want to be young. I don't full understand it, maybe when I'm older I'll wish I was still young? Probably. But right now, I was to be older, so I can have more freedom, more options, more things to do, places to go, people to see, money to make, dreams to achieve.

I applied for a job a few days back here. I'm worried, I REALLY want this job, I NEED this job. I applied at a camera store, a more professional store than Black's. When I went in and handed them an application, they asked what camera I used. I told them I used a Canon 450D. I don't know if that was enough. She said so many people apply in the store, and don't even know what camera they're using. I've worked long and hard on my resume, and I must admit, I am a little impressed with myself on it. I'm hoping they read it through, and take time to actually check out my Flickr on my business card I attached. I think if they check my Flickr, they will definitely see that I know what I'm doing when it comes to photography and such. I guess I can just hope for the best, and hold the bank down until I get a new income.
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