Thursday - Friday.

I have never done a blog like this before, about a good day. It's usually just been rants, frustrations, disappointments or struggles. However, today was different.

Today was amazing. Well, the morning sucked, but hey, what mornings don't suck. I slept in about 30 minute late, so I was running to be ready before my ride was here. You know how I am about my hair, it takes a long time, and if it's not the perfect dryness after I blowdry, then styling just doesn't work. I almost re-washed it this morning after my shower, but I had no time so I made due with the mess I had going on. It got better later in the day, haha, after I spent a while in the washroom's fixing it. I started with my two main subjects side by side in the morning. I've come to conclude Thursday's are the worst of the week. My two heaviest English/Psychological classes are first thing. However, once lunch hit's it's HOME FREE! I have Art, then spare. It's the best feeling being done the worst classes and only having easy classes left, then knowing that Friday's are always easy because of the short day, then the weekend is here. It's great.

After school was good, well, I ended early because of spare last. Me & Abbey went to get Jugo Juice, like our favorite thing to do. Then just kinda drove around, talked, listened to our music loud, and had an awesome afternoon. I missed days like today, the ones we had back in the summer. Having nothing to worry about and just having fun. It was really nice to have a day like today, especially with the feeling of the week being almost over. It was a lot of fun, and I'm very thankful for all the relationships I have, and the connections I make with my friends and family. It was definitely a great day.

I ended the night by selling my bike. I know, selling my bike, I blogged about this in the car blog, I'm crazy. It definitely kills me to sell it, but hey, I won't be riding it much for a while, until next summer at least, I needed the cash for my car, and I'd rather somebody be able to enjoy it on the crunchy leaves come fall when I can't. So hey, I'm pretty happy about it. I sold it for $400, which is a crushing blow in a way. It was almost $800 when I got it new, fully loaded front and back disc brakes and everything. However, the price of used bikes is crazy, so I had to go low in order to sell it. So I did, I sit here with a $400 stack of 20's beside me. It feels good, I haven't worked in a long time so having some money is definitely good. I feel I'm a pretty good business man, hah. I buy stuff, then years later re-sell them for a good price, so I'm never losing too much money.

Jersey Shore was on, I'm absolutely addicted to it, it was probably one of my favorite episode yet, Vinny's Uncle is HILARIOUS, the way he talks, I wish I knew somebody who talked like that hahaha. It was good.

I'm listening to Il' Divo right now, very calm and relaxed. Probably the best way to end a long week. I'm going in for an earlier night tonight, hopefully around 10pm.
Have a great weekend :)


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