Make up your mind

Few things annoying me right now, the way people can't make up their mind, or continuously change their minds of stuff. Honestly, make up your mind, don't change it 10 times, it just confuses you and everybody around you. It's really not that difficult to make easy decisions and stick to them.

Another thing bugging me is the way people can't keep a conversation going. I've talked about this before, but today it has happened the most. Don't initiate a conversation with me, say three words, then head off and do something leaving your phone in your pocket. I took the time to reply to your initiated message, the least you could do is keep your end of the conversation up.

It's a shitty day. It's rained non-stop in this stupid city the past 7 days, today's the first day without rain, but it's still completely cloudy, about 2C and disgusting outside, plus it's cold inside too. I just want to go to sleep in my warm bed until the sun comes back out and dries up these stupid fall leaves so they're crunchy - the way they should be.


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