First Car...

Like with every single thing I do in my life, I take a TON of time thinking about it. Hell, I even over think it, I over think every single thing that crosses my mind, seriously.

Anyways, I've wanted a car ever since I first turned 14 and drove home from writing my G1 test. I plan on getting my G2 AFTER I have enough money to purchase my first car PLUS have enough money for a years worth of insurance in my savings account. I'm looking at around $3000 - $4000.
Now, if you know me, when I set my mind to something, and I want this something bad enough, nothing can stop me. I want a DSLR Camera? I work my butt off and get it. I want everything I have in my room (Now I'm tellin ya, I could sell my computer setup and buy a car, but I don't want to, cause then my photography would be pretty much nothing without a computer.) But everything I've ever wanted so bad, I've gotten. I have pictures of my wants everywhere, my cell phone background, computer background, picture in my wallet. Every time I look at my phone, computer etc. I am reminded what I'm currently working for and dedicating my hard work into.
My current want, something long overdue, is a car. most 17 year old boys, I love cars, I have all the car magazines, and I don't want some old Toyota. No, I want a car that will makes heads turn. (I'm like that about everything, gotta have the LV bag etc. I guess this might not be such a good thing, but I don't feel cocky about it, it's all stuff that makes me happy.) Back on topic, I need a ride. Now, when buying something, I find a vast range and contrast between the wants. I compare and compare, read peoples opinions, and I mean opinions, every singe person I know has to have some input in my decision. So, anyways, back to the vast range of cars I want...
Now, I guess I lied before, I have a Toyota on my list. The BOTTOM of the list however. A Supra. Here's the list of cars I'm looking at:
(Now, these are "finished" products. I'm looking to drop $2000 on a used vehicle, with a good clean interior and then work on the car as a project. Meaning, the car will be stock when I buy it, but over time (Like EVERYTHING I have eg. Computer.) it will get better. I'm talking my favorite rims, with the 14" subwoofer, tinted windows, lowered body kit, carbon fiber hood, HID lights, interior lighting, the whole package..) So, here's the list:
First, Toyota Supra

VW Golf

Honda Prelude

Acura Integra

Now, I know this might be biased. I mean, different photos, some may be better than the other, however, they're all the cars I'm interested in. Also, WHITE. Must be white, with black rims, red frame, or REALLY nice chromes. Haha, now... the decision. Why is it so complicated? I should just pick the most white person car out of the group. Jokes. Perhaps I could throw all four in a hat and pick one randomly. But what if I get that Toyota. That's at the bottom, cause it's probably the most expensive, considering most are right hand steering here that I've seen for sale. (Expensive!) I'm definitely learning towards either the VW Golf, (Obviously that picture is slightly boring, but still the type of car / year) OR, the Honda Prelude. In that order is what I'm currently thinking about, the Acura is close behind the Prelude, except that I like the back of the Honda better. So you can see how this is a complicated process. The more I think about it the more I want a prelude. But then I think of how easy the VW would be to park, and how much more room I'd have in the back for speakers. But then I think of all the trunk space in the Prelude. Such a tough decision. At least I'm not indecisive with school crap...haha. I mean, the next three months of my life will be put into achieving this goal. (I bet you hate that I don't have the same kind of motivation towards school. But I still do fine. 70's + always.)
I'm thinking of honestly just working as a cashier somewhere. I mean, I've applied at multiple camera stores with to no avail, as well as Futureshop multiple times. I'm thinking of just sucking it up and working 4 days a week 5-10, and Sundays as a cashier somewhere. I mean, I've checked the pays, they all average around $10-$11 an hour, which, from my calculations with the amount of hours I'm willing to put in, is roughly $1200 a month with tax reductions. So, $1200 X 3 = $3600, which is perfect for a $2300-$2500 car, + 1 year's insurance. (Then I drop my hours down to twice a week, I'm able to drive to work, I have money for my phone, gas, and a hundred or two hundred to spend on clothes/food/movies/drinks/games/gym membership & whatever.

(I also have to have a plan for everything in life, this being the plan for my next three months. Goodbye afterschool life of doing absolutely nothing. This will be good, I'll have something to do, time will go quicker, meaning, a car will be parked in the driveway before I know it. Not to mention my EASY final year of high school. I even switched out my Gym to Art, which, wasn't because I'm lazy, it's to make room for being able to work after school, PLUS, art is a million times more beneficial to me getting into a photography programs once I graduate than kayaking down a river in gym in... hah!


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