Wow. So, have you ever prayed so hard for something, and then it comes true, and you have that feeling afterward, that there truly is a god? A god that listens to you, a god you can always talk to about anything no matter what. Well, I've had this feeling many times before. So many times actually. I've never believed in god more than I do today. (I say that every time I feel like this though, but today's big)

So, lately I have been spending time with somebody who means a lot to me, and somebody I really care about. It's an incredibly long story, so I will just leave it at the fact that I really care for her.

Anyways, she got invited to a party this morning with some of her "old" friends. The group of friends that is into drugs (And not just entry level ones) drinking, and other dark stuff like that. Stuff I don't like. I guess it's not the fact that I don't like them because of that, but more the idea of somebody I truly care so much about to be around that. I know she would never do it, but just the risk associated with hanging around it is sometimes too much.

So last night I prayed. I prayed for her to be safe, and for her to be looked after and protected.

I woke up this morning to a text message "My sister's very sick, so I'm staying home to take care of her, and now the (group of people) are getting mad at me for not being able to come"

Obviously I calmed her down and explained how selfish it is of them to choose themselves over her sister. Family is always #1.

Today, I believe in God. I always have, but today, I really, really do.


This is a shot from Driven, which I went to a few weeks ago here. It was awesome, and still makes me drool looking at the pictures.

Yesterday I went to the Dentist. I absolutely HATE the dentist, every time I go I get stuck with the meanest one there, who picks at every single tiny problem in my mouth to try and make more money....the other dentist that works there (the main one) just told us she's a "government worker and just wants to make money" and always reassures me the things she pointed out are just the way my teeth are formed, and aren't as big of a deal as she makes it sound.
I still hate the dentist. It usually hurts, well, it always has hurt. Yesterday was different though. I got a new lady, and she was SO nice. She was very gentle, and actually talked to me and asked about my summer and such. It was much nicer than any other time I've gone. She was gentle, and did a really awesome job. Seriously, if it was a tradition to tip dentists like you do waitresses, I would tip her a lot!! After she was done with the check up / cleaning etc. the other Dentist came in. (The main one who owns the dentistry) and looked in my mouth, and we talked about NYC and such. This dentist is awesome, he's into photography as well (He's the one who gave me some equipment a while back for free!) We talked about all the stuff there is in NYC, and then he looked into my mouth. He made a joke about me having a big mouth, but then said that it was a good thing, because my wisdom teeth are able to actually fit in my mouth! (They are already clearly visible and grown in) He checked them and said they have room - so I am VERY happy about that. One thing I have always worried about is getting wisdom teeth pulled. Going to the dentist is one thing, but getting dental surgery would not go over well. So I was happy to hear that. In the end he said all is good, no cavities, and my stupid K9 or vampire teeth whatever they are have continued to grow in. So I'm pretty happy right now :)

I finished yesterday off with a 13mile bike ride in the evening, and tonight I am going for a walk with somebody ;)

This is an update, I'm editing this blog again:
So I'm on Skype...Papa comes in "OH LOOK IT'S ARSEHOLE! You got a girlfriend yet? Braden's got plenty, and he likes to share... you can have one when you come up."
Hahahaha oh my gosh I love Papa he's so funny!!


Calgary sucks. Well, the weather at least. Honestly. It has been raining for 2 weeks. Saturday was nice, it was about 25 and we were so happy that the rain was gone...nope, this damn city decides it's going to rain again for the rest of the week. At first it was only until Thursday, I checked earlier today and now they're calling until Tuesday next week, and that's just cause the forecast only goes for a week, I'm sure it will last longer. Like seriously. What the hell is this crap. So stupid.

I'm down about 2 pounds now :) Pretty happy with that, still going to be working hard! Hopefully 10 by the end of this month! Then hopefully 10 by the end of July!? Woohoo! :) 6 Pack please come visit - thanks cya soon.

Going out with a friend tonight, and then tomorrow he's over here, and then Friday meeting up with another friend for a movie. :) The new Megan Fox one. Hahaha, Johan Hex or something like that? All I know is Megan Fox is in it. Lol.

There's this new lady who works with me now. She seemed very shy at the start! I think she was just nervous and overwhelmed with everything at work. It's been crazy busy lately. Last night we finally got some time to talk and meet each other and such, turns our, she graduated with my friends sister from the same school that I'm in right now, and had her wedding (2 months ago) shot by the girl I job shadowed!! So, she knows a ton of people that I know -- SMALL WORLD!! (Really, it made it seem so small haha) But it's pretty cool finding people like that. I kinda of feel bad :( We're all quitting right when she gets there!! I hope she's ok, and if not, I hope she doesn't stay and suffer, she's crazy nice, and I would feel terrible if she got stuck there.

I got asked by this woman my mom knows (And that I've met before) to assist her in shooting photos for the Stampede this year. She's REALLY well know, a really big Lawyer here in Calgary, on the committee for the Stamapede, and also does photography on the side! So, she asked me to come assist her! It's going to be an awesome opportunity to get my name out there. So I'm pretty excited about that. A little nervous, the email said "on the back of a golf cart" so...I'm assuming on the sidelines. No way in hell will I be on the road during a parade with all those eyes watching you...NO. (This goes back to my other blog -- people watching me take photos. + people watching me in general. I mean, even when I'm not taking photos, being on the spot is a huge NO.)

I'm really bored :( I've been talking a lot to a new...person. :) Haha. We were gonna got on a walk tonight, but because of this stupid city's weather - it got rained out. So I'm goin to hang out with another friend, and I think they are too with one of their friends. I think when we go to the movies Friday...they will be coming too :) Hopefully this rain stops so we can do something next week! No idea. Lol.

That's all. I have run out of stuff to discuss here. Have a good rest of the week!! :)
40 Days :)

Sunday :)

Today is Sunday! Every time I remember I don't have to go to school for a long time, I become ecstatic. Really, it's almost untrue, unbelievable, NO SCHOOL!!! Woohoo!!!! Puts a smile on my face.
Of course I have to go write my English exam on Tuesday, but hey, that will be CAKE!! It's English! You read a story, and answer the question. "Who is the antagonist" "what is the climax point" "what is this - simile / hyperbole etc." CAKE CAKE CAKE!!! Woohoo!!

I went to Driven 2010 yesterday. It was freakin' incredible!! All the custom import cars, I can't wait for a car. I'm hoping for it by Spring next year. (Maybe earlier) but I have to save a lot of money. But wow. I saw some really famous Youtube all-stars, Timothy Daleghetto, who has like 9 million subscribers. Wow. Pretty insane. Lamborghini, Ferrari, and SO many Subaru STI's. I want a white honda prelude, and then custom it with carbon fiber kits and lights and all that jazz :)

Here's a shot from it. I have so many more!! Haha.

I think I'm off to do a 10 mile bike ride now :)


I just started drawing, writing down whatever popped into my mind. Ideas, words, everything.
(Click it to view it large)


Shot by: Jörg Dickmann. (Hopefully I don't get another one of those locks on my blogger for having other people's photography on it. I'm citing it...and not making any profit off it!)

I'm sitting in comp/ graphics again. I'm running out of stuff to do in this class, actually, running out is the wrong word, I have ran out. I'm done everything. Every single project. I calculated up my marks and am around a 96% in this class right now, but that's just the computer editing stuff. I whipped through the photography stuff...heh, what a surprise.

I'm listening to Weezer - Beverly Hills on my iPod with the beats on, it's pretty sweet. But I'm bored. I have a whole hour left. Damn.

No school tomorrow, as it's graduation day for grade twelves. Pretty crazy to think I'll be one of those grade twelves graduating at this time next year. Woohoo! I am kinda lost at what I'm going to do once I graduate. I think I have it, but then again I don't know. I guess you can't really know, but just hopefully have dreams and ideas, and that would be to do something with my broski :) Maybe travel, that would be cool. Europe? Africa? UK? Beverly Hills? hahaha.

I have 4 days left of school. Holy crap. I can't type. The excitement is too much. Wow - wow. Friday I'm out at 10, and boom, I am DONE!!!!!!! Hallelujah. Hahaha, well, I still have my one exam on the 15th, but that will be a piece of cake.

I biked 5 miles last night (The route I plan on running) It took me 13 minutes to do the hill, and I biked the entire thing. It was crazy. I really didn't think I would be able to do it, I paced myself, and by half way I was going to slow up the hill, but still going. The mosquitoes were EVERYWHERE, so I guess that's what motivated me to kick it up and tank it up the hill as hard as I could. I didn't stop once, not even at the top I kept going all the way home. It was great, and I woke up and my legs felt great! No idea how much calories get burned by biking 5 miles like that, probably not as much as running, but now I know I can bike it in 22 minutes, perhaps run it in an hour and a half? Crazy!! I'm gonna' do it! I am!! And I'm gonna get that 6 pack out. It's hiding, what a little arse. But oh I will force it out. hahahahaha.

Summer. So soon. NYC. So soon. Every time I talked to Braden I get super excited. I cannot wait to see his face in the window of the airport haha!! Hopefully, I will shoot more photos while flying this year. I've said that every single time so far, and not once pulled my camera out on the airplane. No idea why, I HATE doing stuff like that. It's the only thing I dislike about photography I guess. Being the only one with a big camera out, everybody's heads turn. And when everybody looks at ME, I go RED. Awkward.... I love being with people and having it out though, I'm completely fine. No idea why. I just cannot take photos alone, well, at least when other people are around. Hah. This time I'm just gonna do it.. I'll probably pull out my laptop on the plane even and start editing some stuff hahahaha.

Wow. It has only been 7 minutes. Seriously? What will I do for the rest of the period.... I know.. 20 minute washroom break :)

In Class...

I'm currently in my Computer Graphics / Photogragraphy class, it's pretty simple. I'm pretty much done everything, as it's what I do...Heh, photography :)

So I worked on my English Oral all weekend, and like I stated in my last post, I was pretty confident about it. Well I go into class today, the first kids presents, I say to the kid beside me "Me next..." Boom, guess who's name got randomly chosen out of the hat...should have kept my mouth shut. But actually, I'm extremely happy about it. I went, presented my speech which I perfected and practised a million times, and then sat down. I made perfect timing, and some people told me they say the teacher giving me 3/4's in each column. So, I'm pretty happy right now. It's DONE, and OVER with. SO happy. The feeling of getting a major assignment over with like that feels great. Now I just survived for the next 6 days of school, and then write my final exam. I already know my final exam is going to be a breeze, it's reading comprehension, and, I have a way with words, essays and interpreting stuff. Maybe not the same way that I have a way with cameras and computers, but I still get 90's on my essays. Writing is easy. I love expressing my ideas and understandings through words, but not as much as I love doing it through a still image. But it's still pretty easy. And I like it.

I'm acing everything in this computer graphics class, I just got my mark back for my last assignment, 92% and I did it in one period! :)

This is a long blog. I have some exciting and motivation to express too. I am crazy super incredibly unbelievable excited for NYC and Cambridge this summer. I can't wait to see my broski, sit back and hang out. Then, to make it 1 billion times better, getting to see the big apple with my bro for the first time!! Oh my goodness. It's going to be one of the best summers yet. We have some awesome projects planned! :) I can't wait!!

Recently I watched a video of a guy on YouTube. He was clocking in around 200 pounds when he made his first video. He did a "20 day challenge" where you have to post a video response each day and do the workouts with him. He ran between 1-5 miles a day, and did a workout after each run each day. He did this back in November 2009, so it's over now. But when you watch Day 1, and then skip to Day 20...He went down to 180, now rocks an amazing 6 pack, and has some killer biceps. (Not as big as Paul's though...hahaha) Still, it really motivated and I am really pumped to start my own sort of "challenge." I plan to run every single morning from the time school's out in June here (June 12th) all the way to the end of July . I plan on running 5 miles each run. I know that's pretty ambitious of me, but I believe I can do it. Obviously I will be stopping and walking every little bit when I first start off, but by the end of July I know I'll be able to run the entire thing. I have the route planned out, and it includes one of the biggest hills in the area, so I know it's going to be a challenge but I'm so pumped. After each run in the morning I'm going to do some ab routines and bicep work. Then, hop in the shower, and the day begins. I will already be feelings amazing after doing the run and workout, and then realizing it's only 10AM (I plan on doing this in the morning, when it's not 31C out..) It's going to be great. I hope to drop maybe 10 pounds. (Probably more, but I will be replacing body fat % with muscle, so my mom said I would most likely maintain or drop a bit.)

So here's where my "challenge" comes into play. I'm going to be blogging DAILY after each workout routine. This is going to help me stay on track and stay motivated. I can't wait!! :)

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