It's Sunday. I woke up sick. Well, I didn't even sleep last night. I was up every few hours or so, and then the remote fell off my bed onto the floor, which always wakes me up from the sound. Ugh. I should just leave it on the floor.

Been a crazy week. Went to bed at 5am Friday, was out hanging out with some friends and playing cards, was a fun night. But it was late, went to bed at 5am, woke up at 9am, drove home, showered and continued on with my exhibition. I was exhausted by the end of the night.

We had a lot of people over. The neighbor came over, which was cool. My neighborhood is pretty much all foreign. The one right beside us pretty much is the only ones that aren't. The guy is like a car idol, he drives a black Subaru STI with gold rims & red pads, with a huge exhaust. It's pretty wicked. I'm jealous every time I hear that car start next door. He went out to wash the car before they went out later that night, his girlfriend came over. She's really sweet. You know when you see someone, and have never talked to them, but you've seen them a billion times and just have an opinion on someone. It was kinda like that, and then when you talk to them you completely don't expect it? Yeah, she's a pretty cool neighbor, and even bought some of my work which was cool :) She told me her boyfriend was looking to do some photos of his card to submit to a import calender for next year. She said he was thinking about asking me after tonight, which is awesome! :) It was an overall very successful night, I had tons of fun, saw a lot of the ladies from JC which I haven't seen since before I left, so it was great, they're all like big sisters to me :)

I'm at about $600ish / $3000 for a car right now. I'm making about $220 a week working, which is great!! :) I just started thinking about it like that. It sounds better to me than $1000 a month, cause weeks come faster. I dunno. It's hard to explain, but yeah, I'm pushing towards this goal and have no thoughts of slowing down! I have been looking at a ton of cars, and each time my opinion changes. I'm still pretty set on the Prelude, but then again, if something is wrong, they don't make them anymore so it might be harder, more expensive and take longer to get parts of repairs. I'm looking again at a Honda Civic Hatch, or a VW Golf Hatch. As well as an Acura Integra, I saw a few on the street this past week with kits and they looked pretty sweet. So I'm pretty undecided still, I'm just happy making $220 a week and saving up and then get something, drive it around in the winter while I continue working and then dropping again on it for the kit, painting, rims, lights, audio system etc. :)

We're off to Elbow Falls today. It's in the low 20's or high teens, not sure. But it's nice out for once. Calgary is still dumb though. It's cloudy and shit out now, but then the sun just randomly comes out. It's kinda pissing me off, I wish this stupid ass city could just decide what it's going to be and stick with it.


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