I'm finding I'm more and more tempted each day to move my blog to a different hosting website, one with a bit more traffic perhaps, or one that more friends are on.
My NEW blog is here:

Check it out, bookmark it maybee :)

I'm still definitely going to be posting here however. I think I'll leave my more personal stuff here, because not that many people read it which is what I want for my personal stuff, but the people that do read it are the people I care about the most to be open with about such topics :)

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for and try my best to wake up every day remembering that life could be MUCH worse, and that I should be thankful for the day ahead.


It's early Saturday morning, I barely slept last night. I went to bed at like 11, but was tossing & turning until like 1:30am, and then woke up every hour or so after then. Brutal. I was up at 7 and couldn't fall back asleep either. Ugh.

I have my driving test today. I'm excited, nervous, but confident. I feel I'll do excellent on it and walk away from it with a smile. I've wanted to get my license for a long time now, and I'm thrilled I'm doing my test. I've been putting it off because I wanted to be able to get a car around the same time.

Well, somebody has loaned me the money to get my first car. I'm even more excited about that. It's pretty cool too, because I can kinda pay a different amount each month, which is probably the best possible way to do it. With a bank I would mostly be set in with a fixed rate for 2 years, which kinda sucks. However, since this is family, which I'm ever so thankful and blessed with, I can pay perhaps $250 one month, then perhaps I work a few hours over time the next month I can do a bigger payment of $500 in that month. Very excited for this, I think I want a Honda Civic EX. (The fully loaded one) with some nice speakers inside. Then I can save up for nicer stuff. Cobra, which is a brand of police radar's is sold at race tech here, something I might ask for, for Christmas. I believe it's about $80, and they are fully legal (As they do nothing to effect the cop radaring.)
I've researched it, there are two types of radars. One, is illegal. This one actually jams the cop's speed gun! Meaning, when he points it at you, he doesn't receive a signal bounce back. For obvious reasons, these ones are illegal. However, there's another type, the cheaper one that just warn you. They beep when you're approaching a speed gun, the faster the beep, the closer it is. It also has all the speed traps from some GPS database, which warns you of an upcoming red light camera. Not that I plan on speeding around and need a warning device to let me know about police, it's just something I think would be super cool to have, especially in Calgary where they spend more money a year on the police, and less on fixing some of the brutal roads. They're everywhere, and majority will pick at anything to give you a ticket. (Practically everybody is this city has at least one ticket from something)

Anyways, I'm off later to practice a bit before my test, get to know the area I'll be testing in, and then take the test!! :)
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