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So, right now I'm in a pretty modest mood I guess. I'm definitely missing Ontario, New York City, & my best friend.

The same shit has happened so many times to me, honestly, you would think I would be smarter by now? I'm the one who everybody comes to with issues, wants my opinion, my opinion is generally quite helpful, and then I end up out of the picture. I guess this isn't building up to what I want to talk about, but, It kind of does. Whenever somebody needs reassurance, I'm always the first to tell them everything will be alright, because personally, I've experienced it so many times. Being worried, can't breathe, etc. and in the end, it was alright. So of course I feel I'm pretty good at calming others down, not so much myself sometimes, but eh, I can't do it all haha!
I just hate how some people can become so caught up in remembering every single person, always making time for everything, putting all their focus into one thing, like school etc. and then becoming so obsolete and forgetting the ones around them, the ones who really cared, and the ones who were always there for reassurance.

Everything was so amazing in the summer, and now that school's in, it's like everything has been thrown away, everything has become about doing and going, that people around you mean nothing to you anymore. Seriously. Ugh.

Another thing that I want to rant about is the way some people explain things. You ask a question such as "whats up" and get a reply to something that needs explanation. "Preparing." Honestly? Preparing for what? Do I REALLY need to ask? Are you seriously going to wait for me to ask? "Preparing to ___" How much harder can that be? Ugh...I hate when people can't have a conversation, or when a conversation becomes fragmented into shitty one line sentences that need further explanation. OR, when somebody say "I hate when ______" And you have to ask "why ____ isn't happening/there etc." Like, couldn't you have just said "I hate when there's only like a quarter tank of gas in the car" (This is DEFINITELY not the conversation, the topic was no gas, but this is just an example.)

I'm frustrated right now. Well, not so much now as I was before. Blogging is pretty awesome, once you type out something bothering you into words, it's like it's gone, out of your mind, now somewhere floating in the internet. I guess it's pretty cool eh. Hah.

No idea what I'm doing tomorrow, hopefully something fun, school sucks. Lol.
My life's about to get REALLY busy too, as soon as I get a job I'm going to be going nonstop. I am prepared for it however, I can do it, because I'm motivated. As soon as I get a job, I want to be hopefully working 4 days a week, evenings only, and then a full day on the weekend. I'm REALLY hoping for Monday - Thursday evenings, Friday/Saturday off so I can do stuff with friends, then work Sunday. (Since most of my friends are Mormon and Sunday is generally a day I do nothing on) WHICH, would result in about $4000 by the end of the year. Which is amazing, I get pumped up just thinking about it. I'm so motivated, and I can do it, and I know when I achieve it I will feel so good, just like I always do when I accomplish something I've been so motivated for. (My camera, biking this summer, etc.)
Which reminds me.. I'm selling my bike. WHY??? I love biking. However, the seasons coming to an end, and I wont be riding until next summer probably, so the extra money from the bike can go to my car, and then after I get my car, I can buy a new, better bike for next summer. Then I can drive to the mountains, with the bike on the back!! hahaha!

It's September 11th.
It is unbelievable to think of the events that happened this day, so many years ago. I still remember the day perfectly, home from school, seeing it on TV, not understanding why my mom was crying out of shock.
It's even more unbelievable to think I was standing on the street across from the exact place the events took place just last month. It really is, and it's definitely a sad topic.
My thoughts are with the families whom lost somebody on this day years ago, and may the ones killed on this day rest in peace.


Chrissy's family life blog said...

I love this picture of Kail, I think that this spot in all of NYC is one of my caught a beautiful moment!
One little piece of advice with this blog..."don`t put all your eggs in one basket"!!I hope you know what I mean?! Your time and energy should not be on just one person, there are many other people in the world that should be touched with your friendship!!

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