Matthew 21:22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Luke 11:9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.


Times Goes By...

Times flies by. Like, it gets said a million times. It really does.
I never understood when people would talk about how fast the year went.
I think time grows with age. The older you are, the faster time goes!
I don't think it's something to complain about, I like time going fast!

On the 15th day, of every month, A big man somewhere in the world that I work for signs his name on my pay check. It then becomes my property sometime between 11:59PM and 12:01AM.
It's those 3 small minutes, that most of the time I am asleep for, I wait for.
I wait for a lot of things really, but pay checks are one of them. It comes with more than just money, it comes with freedoms, but also responsibility. It can bring hate, or it can bring happiness. (I tend to lean more on that happy side for the most part, I mean, money buys good things like xbox, which makes me happy. Lol!)
I wait for those 3 minutes of each month, and in doing so, I forget other stuff. This could be bad, but I am a photographer, I tend to actually notice the little things while time flies by, because by waiting for those 3 minutes, time flies by. Before I know it, it's the 15th again. Before I know it, it's the 15th of spring. Then the 15th of summer, then fall, the winter. And before I know it, the year is over. Now I understand how people can say "Wow. That year went by fast!" It really did.

I think it's a good thing. More stuff gets done, more gets achieved, and when that 15th day of the summer happens, it's one of the best days of the year. Nothing to worry about, the sun is shining, there's a cool breeze in the +27C weather outside, and the birds are chirping. It's fantastic how time flies.

I think of stuff at the most random of times. I was sitting here, catching up on peoples Flickr streams, (I still have like 20 tabs open of different photos by some of my favorite contacts!) and I though wow, In some places, it's spring already?! (After seeing some nice Spring photos) It reminded me of time, years, minutes, days, life. Thus bringing upon a spark in my mind, for a blog post!
I keep my phone with me almost all the time. Even while I sleep. (Not just cause of the late night texts...cause other cannot sleep, hah, you know who you are. Lol. It's not a problem.) But also, sometimes, you dream of things that you want to remember. Now, I've never had this experience before, but I've heard from countless photographers about how they keep a notebook beside their bed, a voice recorder, or in my case, a cellphone with a notepad application. You never know when you will think up something great, and you will want to keep note of it for future reference, because if not, time will fly past, and with it, that inspiration.

Also hit 16,xxx Views a few days ago on Flickr. And a total of 43,xxx views! Pretty exciting! :)
This photo is my 5th photo to hit Explore. (Meaning it's one of the top 500 most interesting photos uploaded on that day, out of the million uploaded!)

Thank God It's Friday

It's Friday!! :) Yay.
I'm done both my exams! Hooray!
Now I have no school until February 1st, however I am going in Monday to talk to somebody about getting into another Math class, then Tuesday to pick up my next semester books.
Hopefully going to go skating next week too!

The week went well. It was long though, pretty boring, for once I'm actually looking forward to going back to school to start a fresh new semester. Not much really new or exciting happening.
February is almost over, that's good! I want the warm summer to come quicker!

Hahaha. Oh my, tonight was one of the funniest nights on Skype. (Apart from the times with Papa & the grapes LMAO!!)
Me & Braden were playing some game, and got banned for doing something that was not "fair" (We died in the game, and instead of playing it out, we just reset the character so we were back) So some head leader smart ass comes out of no where and says Braden is banned for 3 days. Haha, So, what do I have to lose? Not like I would have much fun in there for 3 days either. So of course I had my bro's back. And stuck up for him, haha.
Then got in trouble myself for offending this head leader. Hahaha.
So then basically she said we could write a 1000 word essay on "Fair game play" in order to get out of the ban. And there's no way in hell we were going to do that, what a waste of time haha.
So we copy and pasted some HUGE essay (over 2000 words) from a quick Google search and sent that to her in like 10 minutes time. Hahaha.
Then we read the essay and realized it was about the meaning of life, and mentioned everything from Sheep, Religion, Countries, Weather...Haha.
We started laughing.


My horoscope today said that I haven't been shopping or spending any money since an "extravaganza last month." I laughed, because it's true!
It said I should get back into the habit and treat myself. Lol.
That's a good enough reason for me to go out and buy a new pair of jeans!

Thank You..

Watch this.
I think it's one of the most amazing things on the web today.


Whoever came up with this, is actually brilliant.
The way we can do such things such as putting something into a video made by somebody else, and have that video to be such high quality blows my mind.

I had a laugh with this one, but I also think it's quite awesome, the actual video.

The Book of Eli.

Wow. What an amazing movie. Really.
You REALLY have to go see this one!

It starts off, a bit gory I guess. You really don't expect it at all, and if you don't stay open minded throughout it, it might ruin the movie for you actually. You might start to believe the movie is all about killing people and limbs (such as hands) being tossed about with blood everywhere.

If you can get past that, it gets into a much deeper amazing movie. Eli, which is the name of the guy playing Denzel Washington was born before "The Flash" (Which you can come to the conclusion is a World War where almost everybody was killed/blinded)
After "The Flash" every bible in the world is destroyed. Except one, The Book of Eli.
He hears a voice that tells him to bring the bible west, and that he will be protected.
So he does. He dedicates his life to bringing it west so it will be safe.
And, as the photo quotes above, People kill to have it, and he will kill to protect it.
(Hence the beginning)

It's a really incredible movie. I believe it touches note on a deeper aspect, one of which is that you can do anything with the help and power of God, and that you should do to others more than you would do for yourself. I loved it, the way Denzel kept those thoughts with him the entire time.
Go see it!


Wow. What a stupid day. Seriously.
Wake up at like 6:30 for work..
Work all morning.
Go to the dentist right after work...

My mouth is still completely numb from the novocaine.
Speaking feels weird. when I bite down it bites down on my inner cheek, and since it's numb I don't feel it so if I'm not careful I'll bite a chunk of my cheek out. How disgusting.
I can't drink anything, it drools out ...
I can't eat. I'm so pissed off. I get some Dairy Queen and I can't even eat it.

It's supposed to be gone withing 2 hours. It has been 3 now. Grr...

But on a happier note, going to see The Book of Eli tonight.
And my new phone is pretty awesome :)
Chrissy, Accept my BBM request!!! Lol!

My Bro.

Keeping Lookout. This is my latest shot, and I would like to dedicate this to my best friend for 16 years, my brother, Braden Martz. We met way back in Kindergarten, and were best friends ever since. We used to stay in at lunch and hang out, and we used to rule the playground. We would hang out every chance we had outside of school, and inside of school. I still remember the day we went together trick-or-treating downtown beside the CN Tower. And I still have the Polaroid somewhere from back then of us together.
I moved away when I was 9 years old, and tried to stay in touch. It was difficult being young and staying in touch, but our parents helped keep us together, and for that I am thankful.
As time passed we didn't talk as much. We sort of "lost touch" somewhat. I went out for a wedding a long time ago, and saw my bro again for a few hours during a visit, but that was it. When I got back home, the 600 mile distance set in again.
However, during the beginning of 2008, when Facebook was just getting popular, I would look him up and would be sad to not see his name. But we didn't lose hope.
One day I get an email in my inbox "Braden Martz has added you as a friend on Facebook."
I could not believe it. I literally ran downstairs, yelling with joy the news!
We found each other. After a few years of losing contact, we found each other again.
It's incredible. It's amazing. Some people say Facebook ruins social lives, lowers grades, and that Facebook is a bad then. For me, I believe Facebook is one of the greatest inventions of ALL TIME. Without Facebook, I may have never reconnected with my best friend. So for that, I am very grateful.

Today, we chat on Skype messenger through webcam. It's absolutely amazing how with the power of technology I can see my best friend every day, and talk to him. It's amazing how we can be so close, yet so far away. I went and visited for a few weeks in the Summer of 2008, and that was one of the best summers of my life. In summer 2009, I did the same thing, and in December on Winter Break, I went out for a short visit too. I'm so happy that I have such an amazing best friend, and for the technology that has brought us back together.

For that, I dedicate this picture to him. It represents me and him. How we have each others backs 24/7. The one Snow Leopard is keeping guard while the other sleeps, watching everything and anything suspicious. It represents me and my bro, we have each others back constantly no matter how far away we live, and one day dream to live the life of fame, in an amazing place in NYC, and maintaining a successful and profitable business.

Today is going alright. Not much happening other than talking to friends on Skype and such. :)
Quite bored, it's quite, everybody is at work or school.
I'm currently working on getting a book ordered and printed, hardcover, professionally done.

Have you ever found $5 in your pocket that you weren't aware was there? Well, last night was like that for me, just multiple that 5 by about 40! Lol!
I often plan out my money and spending far before I get it, and this means I calculate the days I work x hours each day x pay per hour, which gives me how much too expect an upcoming payday to be.
However, sometimes I might calculate wrong, and can either get less than expected, or more than expected. Last night was the better side of that! It's a great feeling! Receiving money or finding money you had no idea even existed! So today is a great day.

I really cannot believe it's January 15th though. Like holy crap, it feels like yesterday I was sitting in Waterloo Airport getting internet on my ipod, lol!

Small Rant

Wow. Just a quick rant. I needed somewhere to express this quickly.
So, some things on Facebook are absolutely some of the dumbest things I've seen in my life.
Saying "goodnight" in your status is quite annoying, or posting pictures you don't like, I always ignore it.
But this one gets me. Somebody updates their status to "Grr. So angry. Hate life." (Not that exact, actually a bit worse, took out a few words.)
Anyways, another person comments questioning what the person is upset about, and they reply with a "Not going to talk about it."

Now really. Let's break this down. The person is having an issue. Then decides to SHARE it with the world of Facebook. When questioned because the person cared, why the F. would you "not want to talk about it?"
Really. Why the F. are you updating your status if you don't want to talk about it, if you don't want the attention of the 500+ friends to see it, and question it.
Absolutely one of the stupidest thing I've seen on Facebook.


Just something shot by a Flickr Contact :)
I think it's amazing, very inspiring and very motivational!

Science Is DONE!

Tuesday. Time is speeding up. Holy crap, the 13th tomorrow?! Where did the 1st go. Lol!
Wednesday tomorrow. Which means, last day of school, and my last Science Final!
I scored a 92% on my written part of the Final, which I'm really happy about, and considering multiple choice is usually easier, I'm going to be ending my science with a high grade.
I'm quite excite about tomorrow. Tomorrow marks my last day of EVER having to take a Science class again!! I can graduate with Science 20 levels. Which is awesome!! I'm thinking of doing the same with Math, and then the English/History is at the 30 levels.
This is great. I talked to a teacher about getting into Ryerson (Which is one of the hardest Uni's in Canada to get into) and he told me it's only hard to get into if you're going for stuff like Lawyer, Engineer etc. For Photography he said all I need is my Diploma, Art Courses and a good Portfolio, all which I should have next year!! So exciting!! :)

Ps: Doesn't this phone look so beautiful? LOL! It's so stylish, sleek and elegant. The definition of business. Pretty excited to hopefully get it this weekend!

Pss: It's Wednesday right now. It looks like they again, put the "possible terms of service" crap in front of my blog. Honestly, what the hell. It was gone for about 2 days, then I blog last night, and it's back again. Seriously? Blogger is starting to bug me, they need to get their shit together.


Mondays are usually...alright. They usually fly past so that's good. School then work, and the same routine Tuesday, which means the first 2 days of my week are done right away, and that leaves the countdown to the weekend. Luckily Wednesday is my last day for the month. I write exams every day until then, and I wrote one today, which was incredibly easy! I mean, the first question was "What are all the elements on the Periodic Table that start with C?" Wow...what an easy question considering the have a periodic table right in front of us, and in the case that somebody forgot theirs, you could look at the massive wall poster of it. I'm sure I got above 90 on that, and it's a Final.
I'm a little annoyed right now actually. If you haven't noticed, when you enter my blog you are presented a page before that says "Possible Blogger Terms of Service Violations." which basically means the dumb ass idiots at Blogger decided that my blog is "Spam." Spam is the word for "junk" or "garbage" that you often see in your email inbox and it gets sent right to the trash bin. Sadly, they feel that is what my blog is. I requested the review of my Blog on January 4th. It stated you will receive a response withing 2 business days maximum. Pathetic. Because I finally got a response today. Much longer than 2 business days, and the response was to simply ignore my review, and mark it as Spam again....so yet again I've requested another unlock. It states my blog will be deleted in 20 days if it doesn't get reviewed, which is poor service on their side.

Ah well, they should unlock it this time or I'll have to have a word with somebody on their side, or I'll be switching to a new blog service. Until then, please don't mind clicking the "proceed" button when entering my blog!

Meet Sophie Grace.

Yay. This is a new baby Giraffe at the Calgary Zoo. Absolutely adorable.
It stayed so close to it's mother the whole time!
Then I got home and put it into B&W and was so excited with the result!! :)

Great weekend! Right now I'm laughing my ass off on Skype with Braden. LOL!
Going skating tomorrow morning @ 8:00AM, which will hopefully be fun, and the weather is nice! Then a Science final afterward.

Thank God It's Friday.

Today was a pretty good day. Ended up with an 87% total in Science, which is fantastic :)
Not much really happened today. I came home from school and talked some more to people at Rogers. I talked to Bell Customer Service last night online and pretty much decided then I will stay away from them. They didn't seem to really know what they were talking about, and from what I could see for myself, their rates/plans are crap.
So, I think I'm set on Rogers. They have the BlackBerry Bold 9700, which is the newest Bold, and the most powerhouse processor BlackBerry on the market right now, which is pretty awesome. If I'm going to get more into photography this year, I'm going to need something to help my business!
They look to have a great package for me, with unlimited texting, 200 minutes, and 4500 web pages per month, which is amazing!

After that I was on Flickr for a bit catching up on everything from the past 3 weeks from my 300+ contacts. I got through it all and was quite happy to see the favor returned as my views went up from the massive downfall last week back up to a reasonable 232 views today from 2:00PM, which is good!!!

Anyways, this week is shaping up. The 40-50km winds should be kicking in tonight and lasting throughout tomorrow which blows in a wicked chinook for the whole week with the temp above +4C every day! Working tomorrow, then going to the Zoo Sunday, which is also beneficial as I haven't been in a while, it's going to be warm out, my views on Flickr are getting back to normal. Which all ties together for...It will be beautiful outside, I will get some fantastic shots Sunday, upload it Sunday night, and because of the higher views, get more and more views, and boom kick off the business getting calls on the BlackBerry! LOL! I can dream. :)

Rest In Peace Gavin David Bruce Norton

I am lost for words right now, I have no idea what to say, I can't talk to anybody.
Natalie is a Wife, and a Mom. On top of that, she is an amazing, amazing Photographer, a HUGE inspiration and motivation in my life.
How I first came about Natalie was through Digital Photography School Forum, she was a huge contributor to the blog and I loved reading her blogs. When I went away for my trip, I didn't read or hear anything about her for a while, and when I came back I hadn't either.
I went onto DPS last night to check out what's new. I was a bit disappointed to see nothing new from Natalie, but surprised to instead see a post about Natalie. Turns out, in the past 2 weeks while I was away, her baby son was in the hospital battling fiercely with a vicious case of Pertussis (Whooping Cough). On top of that, baby Gavin has developed RSV, pneumonia and most recently a blood infection.
I immediately went to her Twitter, and prayed harder than I have for anything in my life.
How is it that this complete stranger can have such an effect on me, I don't know. Perhaps it's the fact that the family has inspired me in so many ways in the past. But I prayed. I prayed the hardest I ever have. I didn't fall asleep until around 2AM last night. There was way too much racing through my head, my brain analyzing the days events, and one specifically, Gavin.

Today I woke up, did my usual routine, and prepared for a busy day. First thing in the morning I used my foods class to catch up on some homework. Then, went to History and wrote the first part of my Final Exam which was a 4 Paragraph Essay on internationalism, which I feel I did well on. Then lunch, and off to Science where I wrote the second part to my last 4 Chapters of the course final. (I still have the Finals Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday next week.) I finished early, and went on my iPod to check up on Gavin & Natalie's blog. My heart sank, I felt a shiver go through my entire body. I sat there, in disbelief. I couldn't believe what I read.

"Gavin David Bruce Norton
October 24, 2009-January 7, 2010"

I sat there. I was out of words. I couldn't believe it. This person whom I've never met before changed the rest of my entire day. I could barely talk to anybody. In gym, I wanted to have fun enjoying the last few classes as much as I could. But I wasn't able to. This baby, whom never even got to see 3 months of age, passed away after fighting so hard. I don't know what to say really. The only person I feel I can really talk to right now is Braden, my best friend.

Rest in peace baby Gavin David Bruce Norton, You're in a much better place now.

-Spencer Jan/7/2010

A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember
Originally uploaded by Jörg Dickmann
Wow. This really motivates and inspires me. The photo is called "A Night To Remember" by Jörg Dickmann.
It's of NYC at night, a place I dream of going, a landscape I plan to capture. Seeing this keeps me motivated to work and fill up my Savings account, to hopefully visit there this year!


Ahh. Today was SO stressful. I started off by losing my homework in a way which will make me think twice before trusting people again. Then, I got Exam dates...Tomorrow, 4 Chapters in 1 test and I haven't even organized any of the chapters yet. Now, this isn't too much, other than the fact that I'm off to work in 5 minutes. Which means, I will have no time to deal with all of this school crap. So, I'll probably have quite the hour after work cramming it all in then going to sleep, waking up and doing it all again.
I'm also stressing over the next semester. I dreaded English 10, and next semester I begin English 20. I actually really enjoy writing, poetry and that sort of thing. However, I absolutely HATE Shakespeare, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet etc. This kind of literature kills me. It makes no sense, the words are twisted and have 3 meanings each, and they seem to never end. Finally when you think you've finished the book, the teacher throws you a oral presentation and novel study. (Or, at least they did last year, and now I'm in 20, I'm expecting the same, only harder.)
Not too good. I want this week to be over already.


Just something I'm quite happy with.
It's like the first piece of work I've actually set up and such in a few weeks.
My Flickr average is going back up from 10-30ish views a day back up into about 100ish right now, and hopefully back to normal once I get back in the uploading habit!


Watch this video.
A video I find quite inspiring. I really want to try something like this, maybe not for 50 days, or each day, perhaps X amount of weeks?
I don't know if enough interesting stuff happens in that time though, it's usually the same things, school/work, or school/homework/skype.

PS: I'm not sure why they have noted my blog as a "spam blog" and put a warning page before entering. I've requested a review, it says it will takes up to 2 days to be un-marked as a "spam blog."

Olympics 2010 - Cambridge.

This is the Olympic Torch lighting in Cambridge. Something that I'll probably only see once in my life.
Even though it was a complete stranger who ran with the torch for this part of the Ontario, it was still a very neat once in a lifetime experience and I'm glad that I was able to be there for it. We got to take some pictures with it and such, and got to watch it get lit before she ran with it.

The end of the week.

It's Sunday night, which means it's now the end of my week.
I had a fantastic week. I love being with my friends so much, and it's already great to come back too after having an amazing holiday with them :)
I really like Toronto. I hope I can get into a College/University someday there for Photography.
Today wasn't very exciting. I woke up, did the same things I normally do.
I had motivation, to make a video that I had a lot of ideas for, but I didn't make it as I didn't plan it as much as I still have to, but hopefully soon (Aka tomorrow) I'll be able to do it!
I talked to Braden on Skype for a while lol. Things are back to normal.
I'm hoping this semester goes by fast, but I'm dreading it. Exams will be tough, and I'm going to be in 2 - 101 courses (This means 2 things, I'll be with Grade 10 students, and perhaps the odd grade 11 who's in the same boat as me. but it also means easy grades and credits. It's Art, and Computer Graphics, both which I love and find myself talented at, but never took last year, so I'll take them this year. They will be easy, and bring my average up!)
I'm listening to Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight.
I like it, a lot. The beginning reminds me of the video me & Braden made, And the drumming reminds me of Mike Tyson in The Hangover, which reminds me of Papa in Ontario when we watched it together, LOL!!

The first post.

First off, welcome to the blog. Something I hope to continue throughout 2010.
You will find various entries on topics that may change everyday, stuff that interests me, ideas of concepts I find interesting or hard to understand, and some of the stuff I see in my day, may it be through a written paragraph like this, or an artistic visual such as photography.
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