Sick Day

I'm home sick today, it really does suck, but whatever, I'm missing Psychology.
I finished all my homework anyways. I have a presentation due Friday so I've been working on it and am happy with it.

After I finished my homework I was bored. I really suck at sleeping during the day, it just doesn't work. Once I wake up, I'm up. I can never fall back asleep unless it's one of those very cold mornings during winter break where it's pitch black in your room, and if you don't look at the clock you still think it's 2am, then I can fall back asleep :) I love those mornings, I can't wait for them.

Anyways, here's something I just finished up. I want to start doing something on Sunday's. Normally we head out to somewhere nice, a waterfall, the zoo, etc. I absolutely love weekends, especially with them off from work, the weeks seem to fly by, and the weekends last forever.
So, I'm looking to do something to expand my horizons a bit on my weekends for the fall and heading into winter. I've been trying to sell some work recently, it's difficult. I had a small exhibition open house thing last weekend, it turned out great. But I find selling online is impossible. So, I've decided I'm going to start trying to head out to these gorgeous waterfalls we normally go to, except meet up with a family, a person, etc. and do a portrait session!

I feel pretty confident in moving into this new style of photography. I'm hoping it's successful. I am in love with the idea, and plus, it'll give me a little extra to put towards my car if it works out.


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