Eh eh eh. It's Sundayy.
I need to get back into blogging, being creative, being inspired, and perhaps inspiring.
This is my last week of summer holidays. It's raining outside (Disgusting rain, not even the nice rain) School starts soon, which is alright. Don't know how I feel about it.
I have all the shopping done and am pretty happy with everything right now. My classes are absolutely amazing, they could not get any more perfect. Seriously, Core / Option / Option / Spare every day, and my spares are even with Abbey! Seriously, no, it's cant get any better, it's perfect.
So I guess I'm looking forward to it, and getting it done with, my final year, school. It's incredible to really think about it, my entire life up to this point has been lived in training, learning, being educated in school. Once it's done.. I'm into, a more free life? More options, more to do, no homework, no waking up and having to go to school. Like wow. It's incredible to think, to know, that my life is just beginning. & not to be cocky or anything, but I'm also pretty confident in what I want to do after I graduate. PHOTOGRAPHY! I already do it!! Can I wake up every single morning, at whatever time, perhaps have work, perhaps have a day off? Maybe even work a few days a week, or work the entire week! Whatever I have booked. That's amazing to me. Being booked. I want that, people to call, want photos, or services, and book me. I mark it on the calender, and that's a day of work. Wow. I don't even know how to explain it really, or if I'm getting this out right. Probably not. Lol.

So, everything's pretty good right now. I'm pretty happy.
I think I'm going down to my buddys house to play some xbox, have an all niter I think.
Gotta have one of those before school starts. I got eyedrops too, cause even looking at computer screen or TV's for like an hour just destroys my eyes. So hopefully they work.

Today my flickr went up 600 views. I was a little worried, I mean, where did they come from?
I did some research and still couldn't find it, but I had a feeling a friend of mine might have been looking at them. So it turns out she was, and she showed her dad, which is really cool. I think they looked at all of my photos, which is also really cool :)
It made me actually look back at some of my older work, some of the stuff I uploaded two years go. And then I jumped back to my current day work, and right as I did that, the goosebumps went crazy!! All over the place. That happens to me when something significant happens. I realized how far I have come from two years ago. From shooting low quality images of bee's with a tiny point & shoot, to spending vacations with my best friend in NYC and producing some incredible work. It's crazy. Comparing my OLD OLD work, to my current work that I'm uploading. It still sends goosebumps down my spine.


Well, here I am. Still alive. I made it. I feel amazing, and am really happy. With everything. My summer has been the best in the books to this date, and I don't think anything else could be better, or have been better. Summer was amazing. Ontario was fantastic, just being there with my best friend makes everything worth it. The long months of working the shitty job, helping people lose weight and listening to complaining, and getting asked to do this and that, over, and over and over. It's always been worth it, anything is worth it. Even going down for a week in the winter to ring in the new year is worth it. And I'm incredible grateful for all the opportunities I get. With working, and with being blessed with such a good friend, and with the fate that has brought us back together with an even closer relationship than we had when we were back in kindergarten. It's unbelievable really. Being in Ontario was amazing, I've said it once, and I can't say it enough. I can't even find a word that emphasizes how great it truly was. We don't even have to be doing anything, just hanging out, talking, watching movies, walking around the town, everything. It means a lot to me.

New York City, was honestly a dream come true. Never had I thought that at my age I would be making to it NYC. Sure, maybe I thought someday when I'm hopefully a famous photographer I would travel down there to do something for perhaps Vogue or Elle magazine, but not at my age did I think I would be visiting NYC for a vacation - with my best friend. Seriously? I can't even describe it! It was unbelievable!! I didn't take too many photos, however, the ones I did take turned out to be breathtaking. Looking over them I can't even believe I can say I took that shot, or that it's mine! So, later today, or, within the next 10 minutes here I'm heading out to the mall, I need a new pair of jeans, and I am bringing in the stuff I want to get put into the books. (Like I did last year) So this means a book will be sent out your way, probably not for a little while as it takes them ages to finish, and then mailing it will takes a few days too. But I will have it done, and I can't wait for you to see it Chrissy! :p
Hehe. New York City 2010.

So yes, I don't even know what else to write about my summer. If I tried, I would just end up all excited about how freakin' unbelievably awesome it was and eventually start just mashing the keyboard out of frustration of not being able to find the right words...something like "zaskrfgahjekrghsegrkhwl3t4298dfgaesrgaejrghakergjhsekjhrgiajwehrighaeirgaedrg"
And then I would mistakenly press a series of keys that would turn my entire computer off, and then it would all go down the drain. Hahaha! So I'll refrain from it for now.

Definitely keep checking out my Flickr.
I'm uploading one photo a day in moderation, with a few breaks from NYC upload to Cambridge uploads. Mainly of Ollie, or really cool doors that caught my eye. But yes, keep an eye on there. Check it daily as I'll have something new everyday!

Also, thank you so much Chrissy, & Paul, & Kailey & my broski Braden.
Seriously. That was the hardest goodbye so far. I was all confident in not being teary eyed this time, because I guess it was closer to school, and I had stuff to look forward to about coming home too, but right at that gate, it all went downhill and Spencer almost cried. I did cry, like what the hell kinda man cries at an airport. Well, I do. All the way through security. The lady looks at me "Any aerosols, liquids, firearms in your bag?" I just shake my head no... She starts putting the bag into the bin. "Are there cameras, laptops, cell phones, mp3 players in here?" I shake my head yes. She said it kinda sarcastically. I just dumped it all out and let her put it in separate bins. The lady after the scanner was sympathetic though, I'm not sure if she had been watching me from the gate, I felt she had been, I don't know why. I think I beeped when I went through, and she asked to see my hat. I guess the top has metal in it, but she made me smile when she said she really liked the hat, and wasn't going to confiscate it only because it was Superman, and not the blue jays :) So thank you guys, so much. I can't even put how thankful, and grateful I have such amazing people in my life. You guys are like family, and I care about you all like family. I had an amazing time, and am so thankful for it, and couldn't be happier. I hope you guys all have an amazing rest of the year, and perhaps I will see you on New Years again or something? :)

Ps: Sorry I didn't get this up sooner. Seriously, I'm like "Chrissy! I'll have a blog up tonight" *Crickets* Where's the blog?
Okay okay, I'll have it tomorrow for sure...
As I'm sitting in a movie with Abbey, *Crickets*
haha, so now it's 11:41, and I'm off to the mall to have these books done! :)


No easy way to say goodbye

Goodbyes are always the hardest. July 27th - August 21st went by incredibly fast. It was an amazing time, more than words can express. School starts soon, that means saying goodbye to everything summer brings. Soon it will be 6 months of snow, cold mornings, (and I mean COLD as in -38C school's still open) Goodbyes are always the hardest.
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