new york city

new york city
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It is Sunday. Tomorrow is the last day of May. Holy crap. Wow. I'm so excited. Really, school to be done with is so exciting!!

I am pretty happy with my final oral presentation that I am presenting tomorrow. I worked pretty hard on it and feel I did it really really well. So I'm pretty excited to just go and get it over with, and get it over with well :)

I checked up my teacher online at, and found her at a 1.6/10 rating with every single review describing how horrible of a person she is, and how she picks on students for no reason. I'm pretty glad to be out in less than 2 weeks!! :)

This weekend was pretty uneventful, and the upcoming week seems to be as well. All week we're having students present their presentation, so I think it's gonna be pretty laid back except for when I have to present. Oh well, it will go by fast, and then Friday's off for Grade 12 Grad.

I'm planning on doing some big blogs once school is out, and hopefully getting started on planning some of the projects me & Braden wanna work on this summer :)

Here's a small idea of one we want to do.
A Photography / Videography collaboration, where we both find a few strangers in NYC (Who don't look to be Tourists, we want people that have lived there for a long time) and ask them a question like "What is your favorite thing about NYC?" And then ask to take their portrait! I think it could be really neat! Being able to talk to somebody (Hopefully of older age if they've lived there all their lives) and find out their most favorite thing, and then being able to express their soul through an image to combine with the video footage to publish to Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr etc. We think it could be a hit! :)


Chrissy's family life blog said...

I absolutely love your new york video/photo blog idea. I bet you will get great people especially in central park. So many people just chillin in that park, some on lunch breaks, nanny's with rich kids..oh the possibilities!! lol

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