Taco Tuesday

I'm SO happy my English presentation is done and over with. It's always a good feeling getting something like that over with. Hopefully we passed....when we finished she rudely remarked "woah woah woah you guys aren't sitting down, you surely have more than that..."
So after she slammed us with questions (We answered every single one, but it took us a good 30 minutes of standing in front of the class...how boring) hopefully we passed. We were the only group she did that to. We're always the group she does that to. It's not fair. But it's done and over with. I know I'm going to ace the final worth 20% anyways, so I'm fine.

I'm off to work tomorrow. It's crazy to think that my next month's pay check will be sent to me when school is out. Crazy eh? Next month around this time I will not be in school. Woo woo!!

I'm looking at a new camera lens. It's kinda pricey. I wish camera gear wasn't so expensive.
I'm thinking of selling one of my other lenses (one I hardly use) in order to get this one, which is much wider. (10mm is CRAZY!!)

Anyways, I'm off to work. Perhaps I will take as many extra hours as I can get in June and get this lens? Not sure yet...
Have a good remainder of the week :) So glad it's finally sunny out!!
Lol, no idea why I titled this Taco Tuesday. It's the day Tacos are only $2, and I used to always get one on my spares in 1st term.


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