Well, it's Tuesday. School's done, so that's good.
I survived my Macbeth written final test in it, and I feel really good about it too. I filled in everything, wrote a ton, and I feel I knew everything I was writing down very well! :)

So, after that was done it was a big relief. So much stress was gone. Until...the teacher, (Who is looked at as racist by majority of the class) decides to throw on another book to it, and yes, it's another "play."

Are you kidding me? Two weeks left of school! Seriously? We have a god damn Final Oral Presentation, AND then our Final Final exam....And NOW you're going to speed up and throw us another book. The book isn't even in the curriculum, we're just getting it because she has nothing left to teach as we got done Macbeth early. This is a god damn joke. I hate school, I hate the teacher, and I wish she wasn't such an ass. Honestly. I hope her kid suffers just as much as all of us do in school, and oh boy I sure hope her kid gets sarcastic and racist comebacks at him when he tries to answer a question...

Can't wait for this crap to be done with.


Chrissy's family life blog said...

Awe that sucks, another english book! It won't be on the exam, its too late for that so don't stress about it! Enjoy your last 2 weeks of school, almost done!!

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