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I'm currently in my Computer Graphics / Photogragraphy class, it's pretty simple. I'm pretty much done everything, as it's what I do...Heh, photography :)

So I worked on my English Oral all weekend, and like I stated in my last post, I was pretty confident about it. Well I go into class today, the first kids presents, I say to the kid beside me "Me next..." Boom, guess who's name got randomly chosen out of the hat...should have kept my mouth shut. But actually, I'm extremely happy about it. I went, presented my speech which I perfected and practised a million times, and then sat down. I made perfect timing, and some people told me they say the teacher giving me 3/4's in each column. So, I'm pretty happy right now. It's DONE, and OVER with. SO happy. The feeling of getting a major assignment over with like that feels great. Now I just survived for the next 6 days of school, and then write my final exam. I already know my final exam is going to be a breeze, it's reading comprehension, and, I have a way with words, essays and interpreting stuff. Maybe not the same way that I have a way with cameras and computers, but I still get 90's on my essays. Writing is easy. I love expressing my ideas and understandings through words, but not as much as I love doing it through a still image. But it's still pretty easy. And I like it.

I'm acing everything in this computer graphics class, I just got my mark back for my last assignment, 92% and I did it in one period! :)

This is a long blog. I have some exciting and motivation to express too. I am crazy super incredibly unbelievable excited for NYC and Cambridge this summer. I can't wait to see my broski, sit back and hang out. Then, to make it 1 billion times better, getting to see the big apple with my bro for the first time!! Oh my goodness. It's going to be one of the best summers yet. We have some awesome projects planned! :) I can't wait!!

Recently I watched a video of a guy on YouTube. He was clocking in around 200 pounds when he made his first video. He did a "20 day challenge" where you have to post a video response each day and do the workouts with him. He ran between 1-5 miles a day, and did a workout after each run each day. He did this back in November 2009, so it's over now. But when you watch Day 1, and then skip to Day 20...He went down to 180, now rocks an amazing 6 pack, and has some killer biceps. (Not as big as Paul's though...hahaha) Still, it really motivated and I am really pumped to start my own sort of "challenge." I plan to run every single morning from the time school's out in June here (June 12th) all the way to the end of July . I plan on running 5 miles each run. I know that's pretty ambitious of me, but I believe I can do it. Obviously I will be stopping and walking every little bit when I first start off, but by the end of July I know I'll be able to run the entire thing. I have the route planned out, and it includes one of the biggest hills in the area, so I know it's going to be a challenge but I'm so pumped. After each run in the morning I'm going to do some ab routines and bicep work. Then, hop in the shower, and the day begins. I will already be feelings amazing after doing the run and workout, and then realizing it's only 10AM (I plan on doing this in the morning, when it's not 31C out..) It's going to be great. I hope to drop maybe 10 pounds. (Probably more, but I will be replacing body fat % with muscle, so my mom said I would most likely maintain or drop a bit.)

So here's where my "challenge" comes into play. I'm going to be blogging DAILY after each workout routine. This is going to help me stay on track and stay motivated. I can't wait!! :)


Chrissy's family life blog said...

I am happy that your project is finished! Congratulations on your marks, you smarty pants! Yes, NYC is going to be fabulous..we are all excited here too! I am thrilled about your new running and working out routine, that is very motivating! Good for you! You can do it! Take care, have a good night,
Love from your "Mamma Martz"

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