I forgot my password. Actually no, I had my password correct, but for some reason my sign in name I had forgotten. So stupid. Took me forever to realize I was missing the "6" at the end...pretty smart huh. When I tried to "recover" my password it wouldn't even work cause' I had the wrong email entered haha.

Oh well, I'm back. Finally.
Guess what we have here, more snow. Right now it's actually sunny, but there's snow on the ground. Paul said they have the pool set up already, I died a little inside when I heard that. We have -3 mornings.

School is....School. I don't know. Bleh. 22 days left I believe. 22 days of hell however. Macbeth is becoming slightly better, but still horrid nonetheless. Finished act 1 and 2, and now starting act 3. We have to take a different approach this time, we're each grouping up and breaking the entire thing down, and then "teaching" our part to the others...kinda stupid if you ask me. Right when I get comfortable with one way of learning we get thrown another way, it's actually frustrating. I am a student, I come to learn. I am not a teacher, I do not come to teach something I don't know. Ugh. I don't even know, I just hope I can get through it and pass. I guess I don't have THAT much to do. I need to do a project for the imagery of Act 2, I'm thinking of using the floating dagger as an image that symbolizes the guilt that is there for when Macbeth murders the king. It's not there yet, as he cannot grab the ghostly knife, but he sees it. To me it seemed like a reminder, a "If you do this, you will always be haunted" which seems to be easy to comprehend.
Then I have to read lines 1-80, completely understand every single word, line, tone, phrase, EVERYTHING. Then read them aloud, then explain them.

I just can't wait for school to be done with.


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