It's Monday. Well, the end of it!
Woo hoo! Already the first day of the final stretch of school is over.
16 days I believe? Pretty crazy. I'm not looking forward to the god damn stupid English oral presentation. The dumbest idea in the entire world. I hate school.

Oh well, I'll just accept it and get it done and over with and never look back. And when I'm graduated and become a successful Photographer making 6 digits a year, I'll go back and show my teacher I never needed to know Shakespeare in order to be successful.

The day went by FAST. And I love that. The evening is about to fly by too with work, and then tomorrow will be the same! :) Wednesday & Thursdays are good days, probably my favorite of the week. Then, no school Friday. No school Monday. No school the first Friday in June, and then my final week of school is the only full week I have. SO excited.

It's hot here. 28C yesterday, and today is similar. It's nice. :)


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