It's Wednesday.
I hate getting non-stop shit piled on with Macbeth. Not even a day without a break, we get assignment after assignment. Honestly, the last assignments aren't even over presenting, and we already get another one? C'mon....

I finished the assignment in my photoshop class anyways. Photoshop class is ease, I'm WAY ahead in it, I can't even begin on the next assignment yet...So I just sit around in class reading photography blogs, lens reviews, etc. (Or doing homework for other classes, which was the case today.) I got my latest assignment done before I even got home today, which is sweet, I'm pretty happy with it.

We had to write a "missing" scene from Macbeth. A scene involving 3 lords after Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo at the banquet supper. I chose to make them suspicious of the way Macbeth was acting. (Obviously Macbeth saw a ghost, and the lords did not.) I used an Elizabethan dictionary and got all the words spot on, so I'm happy.

I'm kinda bored right now, listening to music, reading more photography blogs.

That lens from the last post is coming more and more into the picture. I found somebody today who is willing to sell his "like new" lens, with the original box, hood, everything for $465. Crazy price!! (Reg $800) so I'm pretty happy. Probably going to sell my 28mm for around $200 to buy this wider lens :)

19 days of school left!!!!!


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