There was only 1 helicopter. I just felt like messing around so I took a few picture, and made 2 of them :)

This is the police chopper, 1 of the 2 the city has. They're pretty crazy machines actually, and it sucks hearing them at night, always wakes you up. They're LOUD! They also shine is massive spotlight that lights up the entire damn neighborhood...
I once saw a Youtube video showing the HAWCS helicopter actually has a voice projector too, eg. They can yell "Stop the car" (or some police call lol) over some loud speaker on the outside that can be heard loud and clear on the ground.

Wouldn't wanna mess with these guys.

I remember one time biking Nosehill last year and they must have been doing some sort of training because they were flying back and forth over the park and they were very low! It was SO cool seeing them right above me, you could feel the wind from the blades!

Watch a video here
Probably one of the coolest jobs ever...


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