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So, today is Wednesday. I just got home from going out and new lens!! Welcome to the family Sigma 10-20mm! :) You're going to work hard for me this summer! Hehe!
I'm pretty happy! :)

But, let us go back a little bit...All the way back to yesterday afternoon. I figure I will go in the order of the day, instead of the order of topics. (You'll understand towards the end of this)

Anyways, yesterday afternoon. I walk into English class. All is well, I just deal with how much I hate that class and try my best and give my full effort at everything we do in it. (Even Macbeth, although I dislike it too.) Alright, so it was a normal day. We went through our readings as usual, got into the "understanding" of the latest Act we read. (We're mid way through the last one now, yipee!) Anyways, it was going well. The teacher decided to go around the class and ask each student if they had any questions. We each HAD to ask a question or comment on something we may not understand, of something we do understand. So she got to one of the students. (Who happens to be from somewhere far East. No idea where, just over there somewhere...) So he asks her a question. He asks her if Macbeth actually wants to speak to the Witches, or if he may be hesitant when he pursues them. Alright, I must admit the question isn't the best. But hey, she was forcing us to ask, and we had to think of something! The teacher asked where he got the idea that Macbeth may have not wanted to be talking to the Witches. He told he he wasn't sure, he just felt that way from reading and wasn't sure if he was interpreting it right. So after he told her that he wasn't sure about where he got his "motivation" from, she straight up replied "What kind of question is that? Are you Chinese?"

Woahh woah woah. Let's hold on a minute here. Did I hear correctly? Did she just make a racist comeback to a student, better yet, a student who is clearly not anywhere close to Chinese. (And I must add, my school being on the top of the IB Program list in Canada, is FILLED with multicultural people from all over the world who come specifically because of the IB.)
The room went silent, and the teacher knew what she said. She even was silent. You could hear the mumbling of the students, and she quickly moved on and stopped asking students questions and moved into the reading. (She left the other 3/4 of the class question less.)

First off, this is not the first time this teacher has been rude, or make a sarcastic remark like that. Even today she actually made one about how nobody put up their hand to answer a question so she would be giving us all zeros. I cannot believe it really, and you really cannot go to a single person in the school as they all work together and will somehow find a way to brush it off. Some of the students have been talking about talking to the learning administration of the entire city about it. I'm not sure, all I know is that I'm super happy to be on summer holidays soon!

The next topic, now relates to my first part of this blog. (I told you it wouldn't be in topic order)
So, yesterday after school I called a guy up who was selling the camera lens that I just bought today (from the store) He told me he was going to sell it to me yesterday for $465, an amazing price!! Anyways, he asked me to meet him at the Superstore. So we did. We waited...and waited...and waited...I eventually called him back and his wife picked up (Obviously his home phone number) and told me to call him on his cell. So I did. "Where are you, I've been waiting for 20 minutes already!" He replies "I couldn't see you so I'm driving back home..."
Are you f*cking kidding me?? You can't find somebody who went out of his way to make YOU money, so you drive home instead of calling ME?? (He had my # from the start, I had to get his form his wife...) You gotta be kidding. I almost lost it. I told him to come back immediately. So the call ended, and we waited some more...Soon I get a call from him. "I'm standing on the yellow lines of the crosswalk, where are you?" (As he said that, I get out of the car and walked to the crosswalk....He wasn't there...) "I'm standing on them too. I don't see you?"
He tells me to go over to the Liquor Store, and meet him at the entrance, so we did. Again, he was not there....
Then, he says "The police station across the parking lot..."
My mom could hear him on the phone, and realized...The Superstore with a police station is the one in Coventry Hills. You MUST be kidding me...I then told him he's at the Coventry Hills one, and I'm at the Country Hills one...Honestly, I checked the email, he said "COUNTRY."
There's a 20 minute drive difference between Coventry, and Country. What a dumb ass... Even on the phone he was saying "I'm at Country Hills" and I'm saying "NO you're at COVENTRY"
God damnet. Then he got mad and said "cancel cancel cancel cancel!" I just hung up on him there...
Almost was late for work because of this idiot. Honestly. I could barely even understand him on the phone, and I don't think he could understand me telling him there's a difference between COUNTRY and COVENTRY. I was pissed. But, like my mom said, the lens was probably broke, or destined to be broken soon, and it was probably for a reason that this happened.

So here I am, where a brand new one. That's good. But now I'm stuck for the end of the year with a crazy racist teacher. I found out my final is worth 25% of my grade, which is awesome as I'm not doing to hot in that class and may be able to bring my mark up a lot at the end of the year! :)
Here's my first shot with it :) SO wide! It fits my entire room in one shot! Don't mind the mess please...LOL.


Chrissy's family life blog said...

WOW!!! Spencer, love this blog! Great writing, so descriptive! Sorry you had such a shitty day, and your mom's right...the lens thing probably wasn't meant to be if you had that much trouble meeting the idiot!
Love the shot you took of your room, you are going to have lots of fun this summer with that lens!
I love reading your blog, well done!

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