Today is going alright. Not much happening other than talking to friends on Skype and such. :)
Quite bored, it's quite, everybody is at work or school.
I'm currently working on getting a book ordered and printed, hardcover, professionally done.

Have you ever found $5 in your pocket that you weren't aware was there? Well, last night was like that for me, just multiple that 5 by about 40! Lol!
I often plan out my money and spending far before I get it, and this means I calculate the days I work x hours each day x pay per hour, which gives me how much too expect an upcoming payday to be.
However, sometimes I might calculate wrong, and can either get less than expected, or more than expected. Last night was the better side of that! It's a great feeling! Receiving money or finding money you had no idea even existed! So today is a great day.

I really cannot believe it's January 15th though. Like holy crap, it feels like yesterday I was sitting in Waterloo Airport getting internet on my ipod, lol!


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