Thank God It's Friday

It's Friday!! :) Yay.
I'm done both my exams! Hooray!
Now I have no school until February 1st, however I am going in Monday to talk to somebody about getting into another Math class, then Tuesday to pick up my next semester books.
Hopefully going to go skating next week too!

The week went well. It was long though, pretty boring, for once I'm actually looking forward to going back to school to start a fresh new semester. Not much really new or exciting happening.
February is almost over, that's good! I want the warm summer to come quicker!

Hahaha. Oh my, tonight was one of the funniest nights on Skype. (Apart from the times with Papa & the grapes LMAO!!)
Me & Braden were playing some game, and got banned for doing something that was not "fair" (We died in the game, and instead of playing it out, we just reset the character so we were back) So some head leader smart ass comes out of no where and says Braden is banned for 3 days. Haha, So, what do I have to lose? Not like I would have much fun in there for 3 days either. So of course I had my bro's back. And stuck up for him, haha.
Then got in trouble myself for offending this head leader. Hahaha.
So then basically she said we could write a 1000 word essay on "Fair game play" in order to get out of the ban. And there's no way in hell we were going to do that, what a waste of time haha.
So we copy and pasted some HUGE essay (over 2000 words) from a quick Google search and sent that to her in like 10 minutes time. Hahaha.
Then we read the essay and realized it was about the meaning of life, and mentioned everything from Sheep, Religion, Countries, Weather...Haha.
We started laughing.


Chrissy's family life blog said...

LOL..that is too funny!! Did you guys get back on after you submitted the essay? You should of had me write on, I could easily spit out a 1000 words..LOL, just read one of my, hope you are well, talk to you later!! Great job on your blogging, i always enjoy peeking in!!

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