Ahh. Today was SO stressful. I started off by losing my homework in a way which will make me think twice before trusting people again. Then, I got Exam dates...Tomorrow, 4 Chapters in 1 test and I haven't even organized any of the chapters yet. Now, this isn't too much, other than the fact that I'm off to work in 5 minutes. Which means, I will have no time to deal with all of this school crap. So, I'll probably have quite the hour after work cramming it all in then going to sleep, waking up and doing it all again.
I'm also stressing over the next semester. I dreaded English 10, and next semester I begin English 20. I actually really enjoy writing, poetry and that sort of thing. However, I absolutely HATE Shakespeare, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet etc. This kind of literature kills me. It makes no sense, the words are twisted and have 3 meanings each, and they seem to never end. Finally when you think you've finished the book, the teacher throws you a oral presentation and novel study. (Or, at least they did last year, and now I'm in 20, I'm expecting the same, only harder.)
Not too good. I want this week to be over already.


Chrissy's family life blog said...

YOu worry to much! One thing at a time buddy, life will always be throwing you curve balls usually in the most stressful times. It is how well you cope and deal with it that makes you successful. Not everything has to be accomplished in a certain amount of time, talk to your teacher..let them know how you feel, miss classes once in awhile to get caught up on important school things..ask your mom for a note! Slow down, don't stress take one day at a time, things will work out...they always do! A little stress is good for the keeps you strong, and you are definately that! I hope it gets is very busy for you and I am sorry its so stressful right now, keep your head held high, eat right, plenty of sleep and take some pics...then write about it!! Smiles bud,
Miss ya!!

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