Wow. What a stupid day. Seriously.
Wake up at like 6:30 for work..
Work all morning.
Go to the dentist right after work...

My mouth is still completely numb from the novocaine.
Speaking feels weird. when I bite down it bites down on my inner cheek, and since it's numb I don't feel it so if I'm not careful I'll bite a chunk of my cheek out. How disgusting.
I can't drink anything, it drools out ...
I can't eat. I'm so pissed off. I get some Dairy Queen and I can't even eat it.

It's supposed to be gone withing 2 hours. It has been 3 now. Grr...

But on a happier note, going to see The Book of Eli tonight.
And my new phone is pretty awesome :)
Chrissy, Accept my BBM request!!! Lol!


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