The Book of Eli.

Wow. What an amazing movie. Really.
You REALLY have to go see this one!

It starts off, a bit gory I guess. You really don't expect it at all, and if you don't stay open minded throughout it, it might ruin the movie for you actually. You might start to believe the movie is all about killing people and limbs (such as hands) being tossed about with blood everywhere.

If you can get past that, it gets into a much deeper amazing movie. Eli, which is the name of the guy playing Denzel Washington was born before "The Flash" (Which you can come to the conclusion is a World War where almost everybody was killed/blinded)
After "The Flash" every bible in the world is destroyed. Except one, The Book of Eli.
He hears a voice that tells him to bring the bible west, and that he will be protected.
So he does. He dedicates his life to bringing it west so it will be safe.
And, as the photo quotes above, People kill to have it, and he will kill to protect it.
(Hence the beginning)

It's a really incredible movie. I believe it touches note on a deeper aspect, one of which is that you can do anything with the help and power of God, and that you should do to others more than you would do for yourself. I loved it, the way Denzel kept those thoughts with him the entire time.
Go see it!


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