My Bro.

Keeping Lookout. This is my latest shot, and I would like to dedicate this to my best friend for 16 years, my brother, Braden Martz. We met way back in Kindergarten, and were best friends ever since. We used to stay in at lunch and hang out, and we used to rule the playground. We would hang out every chance we had outside of school, and inside of school. I still remember the day we went together trick-or-treating downtown beside the CN Tower. And I still have the Polaroid somewhere from back then of us together.
I moved away when I was 9 years old, and tried to stay in touch. It was difficult being young and staying in touch, but our parents helped keep us together, and for that I am thankful.
As time passed we didn't talk as much. We sort of "lost touch" somewhat. I went out for a wedding a long time ago, and saw my bro again for a few hours during a visit, but that was it. When I got back home, the 600 mile distance set in again.
However, during the beginning of 2008, when Facebook was just getting popular, I would look him up and would be sad to not see his name. But we didn't lose hope.
One day I get an email in my inbox "Braden Martz has added you as a friend on Facebook."
I could not believe it. I literally ran downstairs, yelling with joy the news!
We found each other. After a few years of losing contact, we found each other again.
It's incredible. It's amazing. Some people say Facebook ruins social lives, lowers grades, and that Facebook is a bad then. For me, I believe Facebook is one of the greatest inventions of ALL TIME. Without Facebook, I may have never reconnected with my best friend. So for that, I am very grateful.

Today, we chat on Skype messenger through webcam. It's absolutely amazing how with the power of technology I can see my best friend every day, and talk to him. It's amazing how we can be so close, yet so far away. I went and visited for a few weeks in the Summer of 2008, and that was one of the best summers of my life. In summer 2009, I did the same thing, and in December on Winter Break, I went out for a short visit too. I'm so happy that I have such an amazing best friend, and for the technology that has brought us back together.

For that, I dedicate this picture to him. It represents me and him. How we have each others backs 24/7. The one Snow Leopard is keeping guard while the other sleeps, watching everything and anything suspicious. It represents me and my bro, we have each others back constantly no matter how far away we live, and one day dream to live the life of fame, in an amazing place in NYC, and maintaining a successful and profitable business.


Chrissy's family life blog said...

OMG Spencer, what a wonderful blog! I am crying know!! Well done, you are a fabulous writer. I was thrilled to hear the day you and Braden became friends on facebook. Then i was more surprised to hear that you could chat on skye, i still remember seeingy you over the computer for the first time, it was so cool! When you moved away it was such a hard time in life, such an important person moving away. It took alot of adjusting..he was so sad. Really you only missed out a couple years of keeping in touch, but now you have a life time to build a friendship, hopefully a professional partneship in media of some sort and have the chance to be friends throughout life! I am happy for both of you, I am very greatful for the friendship that you have with Braden, you are family to us!! xoxo

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