The end of the week.

It's Sunday night, which means it's now the end of my week.
I had a fantastic week. I love being with my friends so much, and it's already great to come back too after having an amazing holiday with them :)
I really like Toronto. I hope I can get into a College/University someday there for Photography.
Today wasn't very exciting. I woke up, did the same things I normally do.
I had motivation, to make a video that I had a lot of ideas for, but I didn't make it as I didn't plan it as much as I still have to, but hopefully soon (Aka tomorrow) I'll be able to do it!
I talked to Braden on Skype for a while lol. Things are back to normal.
I'm hoping this semester goes by fast, but I'm dreading it. Exams will be tough, and I'm going to be in 2 - 101 courses (This means 2 things, I'll be with Grade 10 students, and perhaps the odd grade 11 who's in the same boat as me. but it also means easy grades and credits. It's Art, and Computer Graphics, both which I love and find myself talented at, but never took last year, so I'll take them this year. They will be easy, and bring my average up!)
I'm listening to Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight.
I like it, a lot. The beginning reminds me of the video me & Braden made, And the drumming reminds me of Mike Tyson in The Hangover, which reminds me of Papa in Ontario when we watched it together, LOL!!


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