Science Is DONE!

Tuesday. Time is speeding up. Holy crap, the 13th tomorrow?! Where did the 1st go. Lol!
Wednesday tomorrow. Which means, last day of school, and my last Science Final!
I scored a 92% on my written part of the Final, which I'm really happy about, and considering multiple choice is usually easier, I'm going to be ending my science with a high grade.
I'm quite excite about tomorrow. Tomorrow marks my last day of EVER having to take a Science class again!! I can graduate with Science 20 levels. Which is awesome!! I'm thinking of doing the same with Math, and then the English/History is at the 30 levels.
This is great. I talked to a teacher about getting into Ryerson (Which is one of the hardest Uni's in Canada to get into) and he told me it's only hard to get into if you're going for stuff like Lawyer, Engineer etc. For Photography he said all I need is my Diploma, Art Courses and a good Portfolio, all which I should have next year!! So exciting!! :)

Ps: Doesn't this phone look so beautiful? LOL! It's so stylish, sleek and elegant. The definition of business. Pretty excited to hopefully get it this weekend!

Pss: It's Wednesday right now. It looks like they again, put the "possible terms of service" crap in front of my blog. Honestly, what the hell. It was gone for about 2 days, then I blog last night, and it's back again. Seriously? Blogger is starting to bug me, they need to get their shit together.


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