Mondays are usually...alright. They usually fly past so that's good. School then work, and the same routine Tuesday, which means the first 2 days of my week are done right away, and that leaves the countdown to the weekend. Luckily Wednesday is my last day for the month. I write exams every day until then, and I wrote one today, which was incredibly easy! I mean, the first question was "What are all the elements on the Periodic Table that start with C?" Wow...what an easy question considering the have a periodic table right in front of us, and in the case that somebody forgot theirs, you could look at the massive wall poster of it. I'm sure I got above 90 on that, and it's a Final.
I'm a little annoyed right now actually. If you haven't noticed, when you enter my blog you are presented a page before that says "Possible Blogger Terms of Service Violations." which basically means the dumb ass idiots at Blogger decided that my blog is "Spam." Spam is the word for "junk" or "garbage" that you often see in your email inbox and it gets sent right to the trash bin. Sadly, they feel that is what my blog is. I requested the review of my Blog on January 4th. It stated you will receive a response withing 2 business days maximum. Pathetic. Because I finally got a response today. Much longer than 2 business days, and the response was to simply ignore my review, and mark it as Spam yet again I've requested another unlock. It states my blog will be deleted in 20 days if it doesn't get reviewed, which is poor service on their side.

Ah well, they should unlock it this time or I'll have to have a word with somebody on their side, or I'll be switching to a new blog service. Until then, please don't mind clicking the "proceed" button when entering my blog!


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