Sunday :)

Today is Sunday! Every time I remember I don't have to go to school for a long time, I become ecstatic. Really, it's almost untrue, unbelievable, NO SCHOOL!!! Woohoo!!!! Puts a smile on my face.
Of course I have to go write my English exam on Tuesday, but hey, that will be CAKE!! It's English! You read a story, and answer the question. "Who is the antagonist" "what is the climax point" "what is this - simile / hyperbole etc." CAKE CAKE CAKE!!! Woohoo!!

I went to Driven 2010 yesterday. It was freakin' incredible!! All the custom import cars, I can't wait for a car. I'm hoping for it by Spring next year. (Maybe earlier) but I have to save a lot of money. But wow. I saw some really famous Youtube all-stars, Timothy Daleghetto, who has like 9 million subscribers. Wow. Pretty insane. Lamborghini, Ferrari, and SO many Subaru STI's. I want a white honda prelude, and then custom it with carbon fiber kits and lights and all that jazz :)

Here's a shot from it. I have so many more!! Haha.

I think I'm off to do a 10 mile bike ride now :)


Chrissy's family life blog said...

Great picture Spencer, awesome car! You must have had an amazing time! I like Sunday's blog...i was reading your sketch and had to re-read one little line?!! It reads.."what will I do the rest of June?, and I read.."Who will I do the rest of June?" I was like...WHAT?? He doesn't talk like that!!! LOL, sure enough I figured it out, maybe my eyes are going bad? I should get that checked!! ALthough in my defence it was in little script and hard to see properly! Anyways, i was happy to see it was not what I thought it read, because you are a good boy!!! LOL, keep working on those Abs, I bet they are there...they are just shy!!

Spencer said...

Hahahaha oh my god Chrissy. Everybody thinks I say stuff like that. Long time ago, near Halloween I said "I'm at least having 6..." My mom though I said sex, instead of 6. Hahaha, this kinda thing happens a lot. I would never talk that way.

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