Calgary sucks. Well, the weather at least. Honestly. It has been raining for 2 weeks. Saturday was nice, it was about 25 and we were so happy that the rain was gone...nope, this damn city decides it's going to rain again for the rest of the week. At first it was only until Thursday, I checked earlier today and now they're calling until Tuesday next week, and that's just cause the forecast only goes for a week, I'm sure it will last longer. Like seriously. What the hell is this crap. So stupid.

I'm down about 2 pounds now :) Pretty happy with that, still going to be working hard! Hopefully 10 by the end of this month! Then hopefully 10 by the end of July!? Woohoo! :) 6 Pack please come visit - thanks cya soon.

Going out with a friend tonight, and then tomorrow he's over here, and then Friday meeting up with another friend for a movie. :) The new Megan Fox one. Hahaha, Johan Hex or something like that? All I know is Megan Fox is in it. Lol.

There's this new lady who works with me now. She seemed very shy at the start! I think she was just nervous and overwhelmed with everything at work. It's been crazy busy lately. Last night we finally got some time to talk and meet each other and such, turns our, she graduated with my friends sister from the same school that I'm in right now, and had her wedding (2 months ago) shot by the girl I job shadowed!! So, she knows a ton of people that I know -- SMALL WORLD!! (Really, it made it seem so small haha) But it's pretty cool finding people like that. I kinda of feel bad :( We're all quitting right when she gets there!! I hope she's ok, and if not, I hope she doesn't stay and suffer, she's crazy nice, and I would feel terrible if she got stuck there.

I got asked by this woman my mom knows (And that I've met before) to assist her in shooting photos for the Stampede this year. She's REALLY well know, a really big Lawyer here in Calgary, on the committee for the Stamapede, and also does photography on the side! So, she asked me to come assist her! It's going to be an awesome opportunity to get my name out there. So I'm pretty excited about that. A little nervous, the email said "on the back of a golf cart" so...I'm assuming on the sidelines. No way in hell will I be on the road during a parade with all those eyes watching you...NO. (This goes back to my other blog -- people watching me take photos. + people watching me in general. I mean, even when I'm not taking photos, being on the spot is a huge NO.)

I'm really bored :( I've been talking a lot to a new...person. :) Haha. We were gonna got on a walk tonight, but because of this stupid city's weather - it got rained out. So I'm goin to hang out with another friend, and I think they are too with one of their friends. I think when we go to the movies Friday...they will be coming too :) Hopefully this rain stops so we can do something next week! No idea. Lol.

That's all. I have run out of stuff to discuss here. Have a good rest of the week!! :)
40 Days :)


Chrissy's family life blog said...

HEY!!! Congratulations on the photography stuff! Thats awesome, I am so happy for you! I know that you will do great, they are lucky to have you join them for the stampede, do they know who you are? I mean really?? Spencer Hogg...famous photographer!! Have fun with your friends, enjoy your movie!

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