This is a shot from Driven, which I went to a few weeks ago here. It was awesome, and still makes me drool looking at the pictures.

Yesterday I went to the Dentist. I absolutely HATE the dentist, every time I go I get stuck with the meanest one there, who picks at every single tiny problem in my mouth to try and make more money....the other dentist that works there (the main one) just told us she's a "government worker and just wants to make money" and always reassures me the things she pointed out are just the way my teeth are formed, and aren't as big of a deal as she makes it sound.
I still hate the dentist. It usually hurts, well, it always has hurt. Yesterday was different though. I got a new lady, and she was SO nice. She was very gentle, and actually talked to me and asked about my summer and such. It was much nicer than any other time I've gone. She was gentle, and did a really awesome job. Seriously, if it was a tradition to tip dentists like you do waitresses, I would tip her a lot!! After she was done with the check up / cleaning etc. the other Dentist came in. (The main one who owns the dentistry) and looked in my mouth, and we talked about NYC and such. This dentist is awesome, he's into photography as well (He's the one who gave me some equipment a while back for free!) We talked about all the stuff there is in NYC, and then he looked into my mouth. He made a joke about me having a big mouth, but then said that it was a good thing, because my wisdom teeth are able to actually fit in my mouth! (They are already clearly visible and grown in) He checked them and said they have room - so I am VERY happy about that. One thing I have always worried about is getting wisdom teeth pulled. Going to the dentist is one thing, but getting dental surgery would not go over well. So I was happy to hear that. In the end he said all is good, no cavities, and my stupid K9 or vampire teeth whatever they are have continued to grow in. So I'm pretty happy right now :)

I finished yesterday off with a 13mile bike ride in the evening, and tonight I am going for a walk with somebody ;)

This is an update, I'm editing this blog again:
So I'm on Skype...Papa comes in "OH LOOK IT'S ARSEHOLE! You got a girlfriend yet? Braden's got plenty, and he likes to share... you can have one when you come up."
Hahahaha oh my gosh I love Papa he's so funny!!


Chrissy's family life blog said...

I try so hard to keep Papa out of the bedroom when Braden is on skype with you!! LOL, I just never know what is going to come out of his scares me! Never take him know that right?? He just loves to make you guys laugh!

Spencer said...

Haha oh course I know! He's the funniest person I know!! Love him!! :)

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