Shot by: Jörg Dickmann. (Hopefully I don't get another one of those locks on my blogger for having other people's photography on it. I'm citing it...and not making any profit off it!)

I'm sitting in comp/ graphics again. I'm running out of stuff to do in this class, actually, running out is the wrong word, I have ran out. I'm done everything. Every single project. I calculated up my marks and am around a 96% in this class right now, but that's just the computer editing stuff. I whipped through the photography stuff...heh, what a surprise.

I'm listening to Weezer - Beverly Hills on my iPod with the beats on, it's pretty sweet. But I'm bored. I have a whole hour left. Damn.

No school tomorrow, as it's graduation day for grade twelves. Pretty crazy to think I'll be one of those grade twelves graduating at this time next year. Woohoo! I am kinda lost at what I'm going to do once I graduate. I think I have it, but then again I don't know. I guess you can't really know, but just hopefully have dreams and ideas, and that would be to do something with my broski :) Maybe travel, that would be cool. Europe? Africa? UK? Beverly Hills? hahaha.

I have 4 days left of school. Holy crap. I can't type. The excitement is too much. Wow - wow. Friday I'm out at 10, and boom, I am DONE!!!!!!! Hallelujah. Hahaha, well, I still have my one exam on the 15th, but that will be a piece of cake.

I biked 5 miles last night (The route I plan on running) It took me 13 minutes to do the hill, and I biked the entire thing. It was crazy. I really didn't think I would be able to do it, I paced myself, and by half way I was going to slow up the hill, but still going. The mosquitoes were EVERYWHERE, so I guess that's what motivated me to kick it up and tank it up the hill as hard as I could. I didn't stop once, not even at the top I kept going all the way home. It was great, and I woke up and my legs felt great! No idea how much calories get burned by biking 5 miles like that, probably not as much as running, but now I know I can bike it in 22 minutes, perhaps run it in an hour and a half? Crazy!! I'm gonna' do it! I am!! And I'm gonna get that 6 pack out. It's hiding, what a little arse. But oh I will force it out. hahahahaha.

Summer. So soon. NYC. So soon. Every time I talked to Braden I get super excited. I cannot wait to see his face in the window of the airport haha!! Hopefully, I will shoot more photos while flying this year. I've said that every single time so far, and not once pulled my camera out on the airplane. No idea why, I HATE doing stuff like that. It's the only thing I dislike about photography I guess. Being the only one with a big camera out, everybody's heads turn. And when everybody looks at ME, I go RED. Awkward.... I love being with people and having it out though, I'm completely fine. No idea why. I just cannot take photos alone, well, at least when other people are around. Hah. This time I'm just gonna do it.. I'll probably pull out my laptop on the plane even and start editing some stuff hahahaha.

Wow. It has only been 7 minutes. Seriously? What will I do for the rest of the period.... I know.. 20 minute washroom break :)


Chrissy's family life blog said... this blog, the honesty is fabulous! great marks too by the way! Yep, you definately have to get over being nervous pulling out your camera when your by yourself! We'll have to work on that this summer in NYC! No better place than there!! Miss ya...
Momma Martz,

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