I haven't posted anything in such a long time. I've been so lazy, busy, etc.
It has been a crazy month of school. Everything was changed up, all my classes changed with the new term, and I am now done math. I am on my last term of the year, and really glad it's almost over. My days are pretty simply. I have 2 option classes, (Both art related, one's computer photo shop and the other is art, with paintbrushes. Lol) and then I also have 1 core, English. I'm in the highest level of English, and although I like English the most, I am not liking it. We get massive amount of homework, and not just simple homework, project, after project, after project. Then we have "drama" projects too. Why the hell do we act in an English Literary class? I would have joined drama if I wanted to do this shit. I hate it. It's the worst experience of my life. I cannot act. I'm a very shy person, and acting in front of people is not enjoyable at all.

So school has been crap. Well, I guess just English. But yeah. I've also been working, and saving. This is probably the first time I've saved this much money before. I hope to buy my plane ticket sometime soon for the summer. Which is SO exciting. I cannot wait. Like really, I'm not even gonna go into detail and talk about it in this blog because I cannot even express my excitement through these words.

It's my 17th Birthday on Wednesday. I swear to god if one kid even things of gifting me these "birthday bumps" I will give him a bump back in the face... Haha. So I am 17 soon. Which is also very exciting. Here in Calgary the legal drinking age is 18. (19 in Ontario, and 21 in the USA. This makes for 3 celebrations haha) Anyways, I had a small little party yesterday night. I had originally only invited a few people, and some of the people could not make it and said they were busy. I was kinda bummed out about it, but still wanted to have fun. We planned on having another little party next weekend for all the people that couldn't come on short notice. Little did I know that my sneaky mom had secretly invited all these people to come, and told them to tell me they were busy! What a little trickster. So when all these people who I invited, who said they couldn't come, all of a sudden started showing up, I was super excited. It was a fun time, lots of laughing, and chatting!

I've slightly been slacking in the photography department lately. I have a ton of pictures, just haven't been uploading them as much lately. It kinda sucks, because my views have dropped lately due to my lack of uploads. I gotta get back into the habit of things.

I cannot wait for summer right now. It's actually getting warmer out here for the first time this year, and it's just teasing me about the warm weather to come.


Chrissy's family life blog said...

Hey Spencer, great blog!! OMG, tomorrow you are 17 years old!! WOW, we will definately be celebrating your birthday when you get here! We will need to have a pool party get together, with some of our bestests!! :) I am happy that you are blogging again and you are probably too busy with school to do photography. Acting in English class is good for you!! You are shy, but rather humble and a little acting/outgoing behaviour will benefit you in the long run! I took drama in highschool and it helped with my own issues with shyness. Regardless, of being shy or not, we love ya! Happy Birthday Buddy!!

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