Under A Rock

I'm Here. Somewhere. Under a rock. A big rock. It's getting warming however, so I've decided to come out. Hahaha.
Where have I been? I've been so busy. I haven't even touched my camera for a week. What the hell am I doing? I'm kinda of disappointed about this.

The last few weeks have been crazy! With my headphones breaking, my computer started to also act up. Not sure why, I cleaned out the GPU and found a lot of dust inside it, and now everything seem to be running fine again. I finished my math course, and wrote my Final Exam early in the week. I then had to finish a massive English project, which I finished and got in on time. Then, I had an essay to write. I finished that too. I finished a lot this week. I still wish I had something to upload, something to show you. But I don't.

I'm now on spring break. It's the break we get during spring, for about a week. It also marks the end of the 3rd term, which means...only 1 more term to go until...summer!! (Hopefully the weather is warm during this term too, as I now have a spare in place of math.)

Time is flying by, and I've been saving my money. I've been busy. So you can assume that I am quite thrilled to have this next week off to relax, sleep in, stay up later, perhaps get back into cycling, and hopefully, no, definitely pick up my camera.

I've also been looking into the Apple iPad more and more. It's beginning to reveal more benefits for photographer. It comes out April 3rd here, and I think I'm going to wait a bit and see what developers can do with it. I know the iPhone took off and is now one of the greatest technological products on the market, so hopefully with the iPad they can do the same and make it an amazing tool for photographer. (I would LOVE to see Aperture/Lightroom/Photoshop programs coming to the iPad. It would be perfect.)


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