a bridge too far...

a bridge too far...
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So beautiful. Summer, I cannot wait for thou.

Soo...34 days left of school. THIRTY FOUR. Can you believe that?
Honestly, I cannot. 34. That's SUCH a small number.

The same thing has happened the past few years here for me. I start off counting in September, 330 days until summer arrives again and I get to visit with my best friend in the entire world.

Seriously. I have no idea what I used to do with my summers. Braden is like, my life. Well, all my friends and family are, but my best friend from kindergarten, now that's a biggie. I have no idea what I would have ever done in life. It means the world to me that I am in such amazing contact with him. We have the biggest plans for our future together, and I really cannot wait.

Here's a shot of NYC, shot by a photographer I followed named Steve Kelley. He has been in NYC for the past little while, and uploads amazing photos like this a few times a week. Each and every photo is an amazing motivational drive.

It's snowing outside. I don't know why. Calgary is like that though, and we just deal with it. Everybody here knows the weather man is never correct, and that if the sun is out, it does not mean you don't need a jacket on. So it's snowing, but I know it will be melted tomorrow. Then we will hit up to the 20C again sometime in the week, and then is could snow again. Little fluffy snow, that melts on the ground, and makes the grass green. It's not that bad when you think about it. We could have feet of snow like we did in December.

Anyways, I'm off to go to the mall to maybe look at some clothing that I may want to get before the summer. I also want a case for my blackberry.


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