Yay. It's Friday! :)
I still have to get up early tomorrow for work.
TOMORROW IS MAY 1ST!!! Holy crap!!!
May!!? The LAST month of school!!!!??!
OH MY GOD. This excitement level is to the max. Oh god I cannot wait.

I am finally starting to understand Macbeth.
It's not THAT bad when you actually understand it too!
I mean, after we watch the movie in class (Which I must add seems slightly inappropriate with the excessive amounts of blood and gore which I am sure are to offend some people) although I am finding it helpful. Then reading it, then reading the "revised" version online in "regular" English, and then the scene/act analysis's, it's actually alright!
I guess it's a good way to end the final month of school. One big concept to focus one. It could be worse.

So I think I am going to go out and buy a new xbox360. I thought about surviving without it until AFTER summer, but then I realized, what will I do the entire month of! Not!
I can't wait to get out biking. The grass is even beginning to turn green from all the snow! :)


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