Just one of those days'

R.I.P Xbox 360.
I got you back in 2007 for Christmas. You were one of the best gifts I had even received. You brought with you hours of fun, and provided me a way to play videos games with my broski on the other side of the country.
You lived a long, but spectacular few years.
It's sad to see you go :(
RIP December 2007 - April 2010.

What a shitty day. Go to school, get hounded about Shakespear & Macbeth. Then sit for an hour in my other class and listen to lower grade kids talk as if they know everything. Annoying.
Then off to Photoshop class, which I should add, I am on the entire next unit while the rest of the class hasn't even finished the last unit's final project. Stupid.

Finally I get home and have a chance to enjoy some Xbox with Braden, when it decided to slap me in the face and add another negative to the day. Wonderful right?

To top this all off, there is a fricken' blizzard outside. C'mon, why the hell are we getting 10-20cm of snow when May is in 2 days!!! UGH!!! I just want to go to sleep and wake up in a month, with a new xbox sitting in my room.

What a shitty day. Can't wait to go to sleep.

I just remember a positive to the day actually, I should add it in here.
My mood just increased a little, one because Braden just came back on Skype and called, and two I remembered something from earlier.

I'm big into planning my spending, calculating how much I will make on the 15th, etc.
One thing that I find really cool is Vacation Pays. It's wicked. It's like getting 2 times the pay check in one, WHILE you go on a vacation!!
Anyways, I really was lost when it came to calculating this one... I don't like being lost. LOL.
So I decided to figure it out. I calculated it out to around $2xx. I was kinda bummed out. I remember last years being twice that amount.
So I went into my stack of previous pay checks (I have every one from the past 2 years, LOL!) and found where it tells me how much Vacation pay I have!!
Well, let me say it put a BIG smile on my face.

I don't think it outweighs my xbox problem though, I guess I could get a new xbox with that added bit, but then again, I could get some totally awesome matching "I (Insert heart here) NYC" shirt instead.


Chrissy's family life blog said...

Sorry your xbox died Spencer, I felt bad for you because of your bad day but you did a great job articulating it!! and I found myself giggling at some of your issues!! xox

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