Some things on my mind..

I miss you. More than you think. I'm going to miss you, more than you will ever think.
But it's okay, I think it is a good thing.

Ontario - 6 days. OMGosh. I still remember sitting in class, with a small "countdown" application on my iPod, it stated "181 days." I texted Braden "BRO!! ONLY 181 DAYS!!! WOOO!!"
Wow. 181 days sure goes by fast. It's crazy really to think about. So much has happened in 181 days, I seriously don't even remember much of it. I guess that's life though. Times flies. I guess this could relate to the saying "Time flies when you're having fun." I guess I was having fun. I still feel really in the moment currently. Living with what's happening around me, and really enjoying it. I believe this summer has been the most meaningful to me so far, and I also predict it's only going to get even better, more meaningful, and create tons more memories. I'm in love with my life right now. (I guess that sounds pretty cocky, but I mean I love my LIFE, not myself) Just the people that surround me, my inspirations. I'm living just being able to sit at home, with no plans, nothing that MUST be done, and hang out with my best friend for a "skype hangout." We had skype on for 11 hours yesterday. I bet you don't believe me. But we have pictures proving it. 11 freakin' hours. That's pretty much the entire day. That's crazy. Seriously!! We obviously did other things, I lifted weights and such a few times, we listened to music, we both took a short break or two leaving to play xbox, or talk to our families, grab something to eat etc. But it's was 11 hours. Yesterday somebody asked what I did in the day. I told them I hung out on Skype with my best friend. They replied sarcastically "That sounds fun." It kinda struck me. Probably more than it should, but really, it was fun. To have the kind of connection with somebody you have known ever since you can remember, and to the technology that allows us to connect as if we were literally right beside each other. It means a lot to me. I don't think many people will ever really understand the significance either. To be so close to somebody you have known for years, yet so far away? Everybody in life comes and goes, people move cities, countries, etc. To have such a bond with somebody, that lives on almost the opposite side of the country, is just crazy. That's more than "true friendship." It's amazing.

We went to Elbow Falls today. The water levels were really high since the last time, obviously from the constant rain and crappy weather here lately. It even rained a bit while we were there. It was still really nice, and I still got some nice photos :)

The previous two nights before last night were brutal. I did not sleep at all! But, this happens every single year. You would think I'd be used to it by now enough to be able to sleep, but nope. It's terrible. Being awake at night alone sucks. Probably one of my biggest dislikes. Usually I have my iPod which is good I can put on some Il Divo for a bit and then I can sleep again, but the past nights my iPod was dead (It's summer!) These sleep issues are caused by my sub conscience. I guess I'm nervous about flying. I don't know why. It's something inside me. In my mind, I feel fine. Honestly, I love to fly. Taking off, going 500mph on the ground is such a cool feeling to me. Being above the clouds is amazing, I love it. But for some odd reason I am nervous. I'm the worst person at worrying about things you'll ever meet. I don't know. I wish I wasn't, but I find it makes me more aware of everything. (Because again, I hate not knowing) Anyways, last night I took some medicine for it. I finally got into bed at 1am, and literally passed right now. I slept the entire time, and woke up around 8:30. I woke up, looked at the clock and was like..woah, really? I didn't wake up!! That was the best sleep ever!! (Pretty sure I had some awesome dream about seadoos lol)

Some things I really love right now//
You. Soulja Boy. Explosions in the sky. Plaid shirts. Jeans. Popsicles. Monster. Arizona. Vitamin Water. Tumblr Blogs. Late nights with lights dimmed. Art. Instrumental music.



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