Wow. So, life's good. I think I've just been really in a "live the moment" mood lately. Taking everything as it comes. I'm CRAZY super super super excited to go back to Cambridge soon!! 13 days. Honestly, I still remember countin' down last semester from 180 days. Wow. Time goes by FAST. I can't believe it. I can't believe a lot of things right now. Mainly how fast time goes, and how soon I will be sitting with honestly the only friend that I feel so close enough as to call him a brother. It means a lot to me, and I just can't wait to sit back, and have an amazing summer with my bro. Hangin out, doin the stuff we do, and laughing non stop and the millions of inside jokes we have that honestly nobody would ever understand. Oh I can't wait.

Things are good. I'm really happy with where I am right now, and where I'm going. Where WE are. Where WE are going ;)

Yesterday sucked, a lot. I was down south cause I slept at a friend house there. We got up and decided to drive to the north, hang out, grab some dinner, go pick up Abbey, and then drive down to Stampede for a late evening out. I was pretty excited, it was going to be fun!
Well, as we're driving up from the south to get to the north, the darkest cloud I have ever seen blew in from nowhere. (And please take into consideration, I love storms, and I've seen lots of dark clouds) This cloud was PITCH BLACK. The entire city felt like it was in night mode. It wasn't raining, but the lightning was crazy, and the thunder was loud. We were driving, and we got RIGHT underneath the storm.

This picture really doesn't even do the storm justice. That little lighter cloud was moving REALLY fast circular, it really looked like a tornado was forming. Tornado's don't really happen here, well they do, but they don't touch down because they can't really get lower than the cross wind coming from the mountains that cuts them off I guess. Anyways, it was dark, and it was scary. But there was no rain. So we're waiting at the intersection in the photo above. The light goes green and we start going. Right as we get out of the intersection, a huge mist came out of nowhere and just covered the car. It was mist. It was the weirdest sound and feeling ever. It lasted literally 5 seconds, and then stopped. It was really weird. By now, we were honestly directly under the darkest part of this cloud. The lightning stopped, the thunder stopped. It was silent, eerie, and DARK. I was a little scared to be honest. We just kept driving however, trying to beat the rain and talking about how it would be better for it to rain now than later at stampede. oops. Spoke too soon. kaboom. We had no idea what the noise was. We heard it again, it honestly sounded like something from an apocalyptic movie. Like meteors crashing down. My friend driving was freaking out. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!!" "Man I don't know WTF!!"
BOOOOM!! Honestly, this hail was crazy. I've never seen hail this big before in my life!! It smashed the hood of his car, and we knew what was happening. My friend screamed "IS THAT HAIL!?" We both lean forward and watch the hood of the car. Another came crashing down, and just broke into a bunch of pieces once it hit the hood.

This is a picture somebody sent in to the weather network here. We knew we were in trouble. We both lean forward and looked up out the windshield. KABOOM. One hit right on the windshield. Just as fast as it hit, a big circular crack formed. My friend screamed "THATS A CRACK!!!" I was freaking out. I'm yelling "DRIVE GET TO THE BRIDGE!" .. It was too hard. All the dumb ass drivers decided to simply stop mid highway, instead of get to the bridge about 1km ahead. Honestly. Such idiots. We couldn't move, people were driving up the curb on the grass to get around people and get to the bridge, we couldn't get forward. We were stopped. We knew this was very bad. Then it started. It just started to come down. I've never seen such a thing. Every single piece that hit the window, smashed a huge crack in it. It looks like bullets hitting the windshield. They were coming down SO fast, SO hard and they were huge!!! We were sitting there, freaking out, both on our phones calling people to figure out what the hell to do. We couldn't even hear people on the other end the hail hitting the car was so loud. People were honking, it was a mess. It lasted about 5 minutes. We sat there for five minutes helpless and just getting pummeled. We were SO worried about the windshield actually cracking and shattering in on us. It was horrific. If a single piece of hail hit in a spot that another hit, we would have been done.

We finally got up the bridge as you can see in the picture above. But we weren't under it. Everybody else was. Such dumb asses.

After that we got home. The cars front bumper piece that comes out on the front was cracked and the corner broke off. His wiper broke off when hail hit the wiper, but I got that back on for him. The window was toast. And if you saw the car, I would say there was over 40 dent holes from the hail. It looked like he drove the car though gun fire. Brutal. Luckily his insurance should cover it. Still very scary.

So this pretty much ruined all plans however. The entire city was under a tornado watch. We couldn't go to Stampede. We just sat at home and watched movies. We watched Superbad, Step-Brothers, and the movie Gamer. Honestly, never get Gamer. It was the dumbest movie I've seen in my entire life. It seriously made absolutely NO sense. Honestly, it went from some guy fighting in a game with guns, to random half naked girls dancing around. It seriously made no sense. It was pointless, it didn't have any plot, and made no sense, again. One of the biggest wastes of money ever.

It's Tuesday now. That leaves only 13 days until I leave. Abbey leaves this weekend, but comes back next week for the week before I leave. She's getting her wisdoms out, I hope everything goes well. We'll have a week of movies :)


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