Beats by Dr Dre

So, I got my Dr Dre Beats Solos in white back in November 2009.
I cannot even describe the sound quality in words. You simply have to listen to them yourself to understand. I am quite passionate about my music. I listen to it everyday. On the bus, in classes, at home, in the car, everywhere! So, having quality headphones, that are have a sleek, elegant and still very compact feel to them, are a must.

The headphones are $220.99 CAD. Quite the investment. But when you listen to them, you will understand what $220 sounds like in your ears. It's amazing. More than amazing. That bass quality literally shakes your head, without the headache. The sound cancellation is amazing, I don't hear anything but my music on the bus, plane, etc. They're great. I love them. Haha....

Anyways, yesterday my day ended in me listening to music in last period. As I took the headphones off to pack up, they snapped in half. Well, the cord is still attached, and the sound quality is still phenomenal. (They still work perfectly) The only thing broke is the plastic/metal headband that goes over your head. Quite tragic, I know.

When I was a kid I would get VERY upset and cry when things get broke. Today I definer don't, I just get pissed off. Pissed off at myself for breaking something of my own and basically throwing the hard earned cash that I work for, in the garbage. To avoid this, I take EXTREMELY good care of EVERYTHING I have. And I mean EVERYTHING. I even keep every box and receipt of every electronic device I own! This means, I also NEVER buy the $200 extra warranty from the store. I've never had to use a warrenty as I've never broken something so expensive before. I was stumped. So, I called up Monster Cable Inc. (The company that makes the headphones, Dr Dre just labels them) and talked to them.

At first I called the American location. I waited on hold for about 30 minutes for somebody to finally pick up. I guess they were too busy with their Supersized Mcdonalds to answer the phone because when they gave me the Canadian number, I got an answer immediately. Love you Canada. Haha.

Well, I talked to the guy, he gave me a special code. All I do is send in the headphones only. (I get to keep the cable, carry case, all the accessories etc.) And they will send me out a brand new pair, up opened, with all the accessories. (So now I will have an extra cable etc.) Which is pretty neat!

I'm very impressed with the customer service. I should have my near pair after spring break, which will be fantastic.


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