Long day...

I woke up with a headache today. But I brought that upon myself. So I can't complain. But the day didn't get much better.

I went to the home & garden show today because I heard there were some great photo opportunities there with all the flowers. I though hey, that could be great! Low Depth of Field shots of flowers could add to my portfolio!
So we're off. Just as we're leaving I find out the Canada vs USA game was on at 1:15!? What the hell. Who decided to put a hockey game in the middle of the afternoon? I was really dragged about this. I wanted to watch it more than anything. I was hoping it would be later in the afternoon however...

So, I missed the game for some photos. Photography is more important to me than watching the game, so it's alright. Too bad there wasn't a single photo taken at that damn place. Where were the flowers? Who the hell knows...All I know is I wasted all that time for nothing when I could have been patriotically cheering on my home country. Wow.

I still got home in time to watch the over time. But it wasn't the same. At least we won, eh?
Way to go Canada. I'm proud to be Canadian. Take that USA. Hahaha.
We invented the game, we perfected the game, and we WON the game!! Woohoo!!

I think that was the best part of the day. I'm SO stressed right now.
Let's list some of the shit off....
Firstly, I have a whole entire career portfolio due Wednesday. (This includes a cover letter, resume, references etc.) I finished that just now, and am pretty impressed but not sure if I put enough in it. Then, on top of this, I have to a job shadow to do by the end of the month with somebody I've never met. I'm extremely excited about this, the only problem is Facebook is being a pain in the ass and half of the messages I am sending or receiving from her are not even being sent or received. Way to go Facebook. Fix it. Hopefully I can arrange a job shadow soon with her, I really want to do one of the family or children photo shoots with her! I have a month for this though, so it's not too bad. Remember way back when I said I would be hating English? Oh I am. We have to MAKE a scene, write the script, memorize it, and then present it TUESDAY! We only have Monday in class to work on this. This is bullshit. THEN, right after we do our "performances" of this random made up scene, we have to jump into some stupid book called "The Princess Bride." I just know it's going to be stupid from the title. And right after that book, we will probably have some stupid performances again. Then shake spear. Wonderful.

I just want all of it to go away. I hate performing, I would have chosen Drama instead of English if I wanted to perform. But I don't, and I didn't chose that. So why the hell am I doing skits and shit in front of an audiences in a class that I am supposed to be learning the Art of English and Language? Who knows. The teacher's an ass.

On a positive note. I'm REALLY happy that it's March tomorrow. That means one month closer to summer, and the closer I am to summer the closer I am to being free of this stress and acting shit....

Here's the website of the ever so talented Heather whom I am going to be job shadowing sometime! :) Really excited! Just hope we can make a plan soon! I hate having no plan. I always need a plan. People with plans are more successful than people without one. And I want success. I don't want to act in my English class.



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