Mid week, Mid month.

I'm bored right now. There's really nothing going on now.
I'm happy it's Tuesday, which means the week is almost half over. I'm happy because it's just beginning for me, as I was away for the weekend with a friend and his family in a hotel in Kananaskis. We went snowboarding, went in the outdoor hot tub, and had some good food. It was a lot of fun! Snowboarding was fun, I've only been a few times, but I love it, and can do the green runs with my eyes closed and probably the silver runs easily too.
I'm thinking of buying a lift pass for next season, and then getting the gear later on at the end of 2010. (It's around $600-$700 for the Board, Bindings & Boots! But they are top of the line, which is what I want.) I love snowboarding, flying down the snow!

I'm back now though, and have work tonight. It wont be that bad though. I cannot believe it is already February 16th. Like, really, holy crap. I like it. I want this snow to be gone, I want to be able to ride the dirt trails of Nosehill again, I want to enjoy iced tea in hot summer weather, and don't even get me started on my bro Braden & the possible NYC trip this summer. I've never really saved money before, but for once, I am. Haha!

Here's a picture of the ski hill. I've been to this hill once before, and it's probably my favorite. It's in the middle of the mountain, and if you are skilled enough to ride the double black diamond slopes, you can take the lift up above the clouds some days.


Chrissy's family life blog said...

Great blog SPencer, i am glad to see that you love snowboarding! I am a big fan as well, took a couple lessons a few years ago with a friend in Hamilton..I loved it but hurt so bad the next day!! I have tried to get Kailey involved over the years too, she likes it but doesn't love it :(
She is a skater by heart i guess...that is her talent, and boy she can fly on the ice!! LOL, nice to hear you had a good time with your friend and his family, that was very nice of them to take you! What do you mean possible trip to NYC?? Of course we are going!! LOL, actually its looking pretty good, we just need to get some dates together! Well great blog I really enjoyed reading it, you've got a way with words..well done!! xox

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